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Edmonds School District

Edmonds Hub

Edmonds Hub opened on November 2020 in response to pandemic as way to support families experiencing homelessness. The Equity and Student Success team partnered with the school buildings to outreach to all 300 families who qualified for McKinney-Vento services to see if they were interested in coming to the Edmonds Hub. 

The Edmonds Hub we offers afterschool academic support to students experiencing housing insecurities. The E-Hub provides academic support, WIFI, technology support, meals, and other resources to help students. 

The Edmonds Hub also offers families other resources to support their unique situations:

  • Laundry room with washer and dryer - see flier here 
  • Food pantry items
  • Hygiene products 
  • School Supplies

Students who qualify for McKinney-Vento services are able to be provided district transportation to Edmonds Hub. 

If you have questions about eligibility and/or would like to have your student attend the Edmonds Hub please contact our team:

Phone: (425) 431-3999

Supporting Edmonds Hub

The Edmonds Hub needs donations to support the program. Please connect with us coordinate donations:

Contact person:
Francisco A. Gonzalez Robles
Homeless, Foster Care and Migrant Coordinator

Food pantry

Food pantry

Household items

Granola bars (Kirkland chewy bars) *no nuts

Tomato paste

Clothes Detergent Pods

GF Breakfast bars

Hot sauce

Disinfecting  wipes

Fruit cups (peaches, Mandarins, pears, mixed fruit)

Sugar (4lb bags or smaller)

Dish soap

Ramen packages (Beef, chicken)

Oil (48 oz or smaller)

Hand Sanitizer

Ramen cups (Beef, chicken)

Instant Coffee

Toilet paper

Macaroni and Cheese

Hot chocolate

Paper towels

Canned corn kernels 

Canned Tuna

kids Body wash


Cereal (Honey Nut Cheerios, Rice Crispies,  Frosted Flakes)

Medium/heavy pads

Sloppy Joe

Dry Black beans (4lb bags or smaller)

Light pads

Chicken Broth (48 oz or smaller)

Dry Lentils (4lb bags or smaller)

Children's toothpaste

Creamy Peanut butter

Individual Oatmeal Packets 

Children's toothbrush

Canned soups (chicken noodles, Beef)

Fruit snacks


Apple Sauce

Canned Peas


Macaroni and Cheese in a Cup


2- in- 1 shampoo conditioner