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Edmonds School District

Equity Teams

Equity teams:

Edmonds is on year 3 of implementing equity teams in all our schools. These teams provide direction and leadership in culturally relevant professional development, policies, and practice that aligns with schools improvement plans. The goal is for teams to become a lens of the school and aims to institutionalize change. 


The purpose of an equity team is to increase cultural competence across staff, empower families, and review the following: current policies and procedures, current decision-making processes, allocation of time, and community engagement strategies in an effort to reduce inequities across the school, particularly for those communities that have historically been underserved. Increasing equity results in greater access for all students and in turn help reduce the achievement and opportunity gap.   


The core purpose of the Edmonds School District is to nurture the potential in all students so that they are well equipped for a world of infinite possibilities. We are committed to creating and sustaining great schools where every student—without exception—learns at high levels. The goal of  the  Equity Team is to promote institutional  change  within  the school in order to  ensure that ALL students have the opportunity to learn at the highest level.