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Edmonds School District

Librarians for Equity and Diversity (LEAD)



Library Equity and Diversity Team

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Asian/Pacific Islander/Native /Hawaiian American Books




Latinx/Hispanic/Chicanx Books


Disability Awareness


Indigenous/Native American Books


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Black Lives Matter Book List




Sno-Isle Book Lists

Publisher Permissions - if you are planning to record a book reading, please follow these copyright considerations.

Who we are: LEAD is comprised of librarians in Edmonds School District and Sno-Isle Librarians. Our monthly meetings are held online.

Edmonds School District and Sno-Isle librarians work hard to ensure that all books we recommend/purchase for our school library collections meet our district's selection guidelines and policies. One of LEAD's (Librarians for Equity and Diversity) goals is to provide updated lists of well-reviewed titles which authentically and joyously center characters from historically marginalized communities.

Los bibliotecarios del Distrito Escolar de Edmonds y de Sno-Isle trabajan arduamente para asegurar que todos los libros que recomendamos y compramos para las colecciones de nuestras bibliotecas escolares cumplan con las pautas y políticas de selección de nuestro distrito. Uno de los objetivos de LEAD (Bibliotecarios para la Equidad y la Diversidad) es proporcionar listas actualizadas de títulos bien revisados que centran de forma auténtica y alegre los personajes de comunidades históricamente marginadas.




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LEAD Mission Statement: LEAD will explore best practices related to library equity, access, and diversity and share strategies and tools with all Edmonds librarians in order to positively impact the learning and lives of all Edmonds students.

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