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Edmonds School District

BLM Month of Action


Black Lives Matter Planning Committee


Join Black Lives Matter Month of Action Planning Committee! 

Any Edmonds School District student, family & staff are welcome to join this planning committee to help us create virtual activities and events for students, families, and staff. The committee meets a few times between now and March to plan a variety of events. 



Use this Google Form to sign-up:


BLM activities packet

<- Click to open PDF Activity packet for Kindergarten to 8th grade 

Learn more about the national movement and The year of purpose:

The national Black Lives Matter at School movement urges us to move beyond celebrating Black lives just once a year towards making racial equity a reality by centering Black lives everyday. In addition to the BLM at School Week of Action (that is organized during the first week of February), educators, students, and parents are encouraged to participate in ongoing activations and reflection throughout the school year by engaging in the Year of Purpose. As a volunteer planning committee we are focusing on one month of coordination but encourage students, families and educators to expand beyond February! Website:


Updates from Committee:

Past events: 

  • Free film screening: Cracking the Code
    • the Black Lives Matter month of Action planning committee, and Madrona's MIT team for a free screening of Cracking the Codes followed by discussion. 
      About the movie: Cracking The Codes asks America to talk about the causes and consequences of systemic inequity. Designed for dialogue, the film works to disentangle internal beliefs, attitudes and prejudgments within, and it builds skills to address the structural drivers of social and economic inequities
      Genres: Documentary, Instructional
      Duration: 1 hour 18 minutes
      Recommended for ages 13 or older, family discretion
      More about the movie:
  • African/African American Panel
    • The Black Lives Matter Month of Action Committee in a panel discussion by African and African American families to discuss culture, classrooms and building community. This will be zoom webinar open to all students, families, staff and community. 
  • February Read-aloud -Over 18 people signed-up to record a video reading!
    • Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12:30 PM on District's Facebook page!
    • Extended until March 13th, due high submissions of videos
  • Jabari Dreams of Freedom
    • Public screening event on Saturday, March 13 at 2 pm
    • 4/8 update: In partnership with local community organizations, the BLM Month of Action Committee, and Edmonds Center for the Arts, our Edmonds 3rd-8th graders have an opportunity to view a play put on by the Holden & Arts Associates.
    • Website:
  • Arts in Action - Student Showcase
    • Friday, March 12th, 2021 - 6:30 PM 
    • 4/8 update: Arts in Action is a student talent showcase honoring student activism in our community as part of the Black Lives Matter Year of Purpose through the Edmonds School District.
    • Below are the 2021 Students in Action lineup from Edmonds School District:
      • Nävouny Swanson - Edmonds-Woodway High
      • Helana Alemayehu - Meadowdale Middle
      • Kylie Richards - Maplewood
      • Nadia Brainerd - Edmonds Heights
      • Hermela Dagnachew  - Alderwood Middle
      • Hadija (Madem)Drammeh - Alderwood Middle
      • Damaris Ibrahim - Mountlake Terrace High
      • Jeneice Gresham - Meadowdale High
      • Zoya Kulikov-Wickizer - Lynnwood High
      • James Halfaker - Terrace Park Elementary
      • Julie Andes - Edmonds Woodway High
      • Reagan Mart  - Maplewood
      • Eunice Park - Beverly Elementary
      • Rianna Elizabeth Paul - Oak Heights Elementary
      • Ranen Nate Paul - Oak Heights Elementary
  • Virtual 5K Fundraiser for Student Showcase
    • February 26th -28th, 2021
    • Lace-up and run or walk for a change! The inaugural Challenge for Change Virtual 5k event is part of the Black Lives Matter Month of Action in partnership with the Edmonds School District, Communities of Color Coalition, and Girls on the Run. Sign up as an individual or with a team and participate in the Virtual 5K during the last weekend of February (26th-28th). This event is open to all ages within the community. There will be inspirational speakers and interactive challenges throughout the month. 
    • 3/1 Update: Over 260 participants signed-up to join the virtual 5K! For more details go to Challenge for Change Facebook page. 
  • Miss Major FREE Film Screening  
    • Saturday, February 20th at 11:00 AM
    • 3/1 update: Over 35 people registered to attend the fil screening. We had 16 participants! Video is available at the district for schools to host learning opportunities. 
    • For more information about the film go to

Past Trainings:

  • A Community Virtual Teach-In: Address the N-Word and More
    • Tuesday, March 16, 2021 - 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm - We had over 60 people attend!
    • Description: This evening’s learning will be led by community members, students, and teachers from the Edmonds School District. Teachers will have the opportunity to learn pre-teaching strategies to use when controversial topics and hate speech arise in the curriculum as well as some “Do’ and Don’ts” specific to addressing the n-word in the classroom. Students will focus on strategies they can use when the n-word and other hate speech are used in schools. Community and families, you will have the opportunity to learn your rights and strategies from other community leaders on addressing the n-word and hate speech when they arise in schools and other settings.
  • Black Lives Matter for Beginners learners -We had over 90 people attend!
    • Tuesday, January 19th - 5:00 - 6:30 PM
    • Description: This BLM for Beginners session is for educators new(er) to racial equity work, BLM Week of Action first timers, and those looking for a review of the Week of Action. The session will provide overviews and introductions to key racial equity concepts, Black history, the Black Lives Matter movement, the history of the BLM Week of Action, and the Week of Action lessons. Participants will leave the session having gained introductory level understandings and the confidence to implement the BLM Week of Action lessons in their classes. 
  • Black Lives Matter for Intermediate learners - We had over 65 people attend!
    • Thursday, January 21st - 5:00 - 6:30 PM
    • Description: This session is for educators with strong backgrounds in racial equity and (or should it be, and/or ??) have previously participated in the Black Lives Matter Week of Action. After reviewing the BLM and BLM Week of Action movements, our focus will turn to the Week of Action and Year of Purpose lesson plans as well as actions for promoting systemic changes that result in Black Lives Mattering every day and in every space.  Participants will leave the session reading to bring BLM into their classrooms and their buildings.