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Edmonds School District

Equity and Student Success

Meet the team

Dr. Victor Vergara  Hablo español
Assistant Superintendent
425-431-7098 @vvergaraEdD on Twitter

Meghan Guillen 
Hablo español
Administrative Assistant, Equity & Student Success


Francisco Gonzalez Robles
Hablo español
Homeless, Foster Care, & Migrant Student Education Coordinator

Especilista de apoyo para el departamento de Diversidad, Equidad y Extensión

Celeste Valle
Bilingual Academic Specialist

Dr. Sally Guzman  
Hablo español

Family and Community Engagement Coordinator
Especialista de Participación de Familia y Comunidad

Jennifer Martinez
Equity & Student Success Program Assistant
Asistente del Programa de Equidad y Éxito Estudiantil

Multilingual Team


Intentional actions to ensure equity across all measures and to provide access, inclusion, and opportunity for all students.

Equality, equity, reality, liberation

Race and Equity Framework

Race and Equity framework: Action, Awareness, Learning & Inquiry

The core purpose of the Edmonds School District is to nurture the potential in each student so that she or he is well equipped for a world of infinite possibilities. We are committed to creating and sustaining great schools where every student without exception learns at high levels. In light of this purpose, Edmonds School District prioritizes closing achievement and opportunity gaps, while raising the achievement for all students. Educational equity benefits all students and our entire community.

The diversity of our student body, our staff and our community is a strength of this district and should be fostered. Edmonds School District believes the responsibility for student success is broadly shared by District staff, families, our community and our students own efforts. Each student deserves respectful learning environments in which diversity is valued and contributes to successful academic outcomes. (from ESD Board Policy 0600 Race and Equity)