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Edmonds School District


What We Do and How We Can Help:

  • Provide information and services to families, students, community members and staff
  • Prepare and send out emergency communications
  • Create publications for printed and digital newsletters, social media & other print material
  • Keep track of events through school calendars
  • Assist staff and school in maintaining websites by uploading forms, content, images and video
  • Publicize events and important information through multiple communication channels



Emergency Info

Harmony Weinberg
Communications Manager
email 425-431-7044

Amanda Ralston
Communications Specialist
email 425-431-7046

Lisa Van Cise
Multimedia Content Specialist
email 425-431-7119

Merry Rumpel
District Receptionist and Coms Support
email 425-431-7000

Clark Dalire
Desktop Publishing Technician
email 425-431-7107

Lisa Judd
Printing Services Office Assistant
email 425-431-7096

Elizabeth Puga
Language Access Coordinator
email 425-431-7352

Benjamin Sheppard
District Interpreter/ Translator – Spanish
email 425-431-7352