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Edmonds School District

Fundraising Information

Fundraising Information

Often, parents and community members want to know how they can financially support our schools. To help parents and community members understand how they could be involved and the legal parameters for fundraising a matrix guide was developed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q&A for Parent Group Leaders

RCWs, WACs, District Policies & Other Resources Related to Fundraising

General Fund Fundraising

  • RCW 28A.320.015 School boards of directors – Powers – Notice of adoption of policy

  • RCW 28A.320.030 Gifts, conveyances, etc., for scholarship and student aid purposes, receipt and administration

Associated Student Body (ASB) Fundraising - Public and Private Monies

Other External References

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Site-based Parent Information

Most schools have information about their parent group available on their school maintained website. The exact path varies by site, but generally it is located on the Parent, PTA or Handbook tab.