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Edmonds School District

Maplewood and Maplewood Center

Maplewood and Maplewood Center Photo

Project Description

On January 7, 2002 students returned from vacation to their new school.

From July 2000 to December 2001, demolition and new construction occurred in the location of the existing Co-op, while the Maplewood Center building underwent modernization to meet program and code requirements.

The new, two-story school and modernized Center are enclosed as one building with the commons serving as a focal point adjacent to the main entrance. The two programs can be spatially integrated, with some Center classrooms located in the new building and some Co-op classrooms located in the modernized building.

The school accommodates 450 Co-op students and 50 Center students.

Program Features

  • 20 Co-op Classrooms and 4 Center Classrooms.
  • Gymnasium and Commons linked by an operable partition, which can be opened to provide space for large gatherings and performances.
  • Parent/Community Room to accommodate the Co-op program.
  • Outdoor Learning Spaces, designed to provide interactive teaching opportunities.
  • Passive Ventilation built into the mechanical design of the school.
  • Library with adjacent computer lab, story room, and media room.

Area: 51,000 sf of new construction & 26,000 sf of modernization

Start of Design: March 1999

Start of Construction: August 2000

Occupancy: January 2002

Principals at Construction: Virginia Turner (Co-op), Barbara Gorman (Center)

Project Manager: Cheri Hendricks

Architect: Bassetti Architects, Seattle