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Edmonds School District

Cedar Valley Community School

Cedar Valley Community School Photo

Project Description

Cedar Valley Community School greeted students for the first time on September 4, 2001.

In July of 2001, the main buildings at Scriber Lake High School were demolished and materials hauled away leaving the area ready for the asphalt paving and completion of landscaping at the site.

Scriber Lake High's east wing was demolished in May of 2000, clearing space for the construction of the new Cedar Valley Community School on the east side of the site. Siting the new structure here allowed the high school to continue operations during the construction of the new school and reserves a large area of the site for future District or community uses.

Spaces in the new building that are used by all students and the community are grouped on the north side of the main entry. A wonderful gym and assembly space--nearly twice the size originally planned, and suitable for both student and community use--is the result of a partnership forged by the District with the City of Lynnwood in which the city contributed funding for the bigger gym.

The Capital Projects Office and Cedar Valley leadership worked with the staff of the District's Early Childhood Center to plan for their addition to the new building's family of programs. Their work together demonstrated the value of the flexibility and adaptability designed into the facility by the consultant team, as relatively few changes have been required to adapt spaces to the needs of developmentally delayed or disabled pre-school children.

Program Features

  • 24 Classrooms - organized in 6 groups of 4 classrooms clustered around a shared activity space.
  • Site developed to preserve options for future development. Hillside location allows on-grade entry on both levels of two-story classroom clusters.
  • Enlarged gym made possible by partnership with City of Lynnwood as a way to continue active community involvement at this site.
  • Head Start and Co-op Preschool programs joined Early Childhood Center and Cedar Valley's program, delivering a full spectrum of services to the community.
  • Views between spaces and circulation paths (vertical and horizontal) and to outdoors integrated with daylighting so as to help orient and delight inhabitants as they move through the building.
  • Dedicated community room located near guidance spaces, and kitchenette for community and Parent/Staff Organization use located in cafeteria.
  • Library with adjacent computer lab, story room and media room.

Area: 64,700 s.f. of new building construction

Start of Design: December 1998

Start of Construction: July 2000

Occupancy: September 2001

Principal at Construction: Gayle Everly

Project Manager: Trevor Hart

Architect: Mahlum Architects, Seattle