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Up-to-date immunization record are needed

Up-to-date immunization records are needed

Posted on 07/14/2021

Washington State law requires all school age-children to have medically verified immunization records for certain vaccine-preventable diseases in order to attend and participate in all school programming in-person and remote. These changes were made based on a legal review of RCW 28A.201 and the State Board of Health changes to Chapter 246-105 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) on August 1, 2020. A medically verified record includes one or more of the following:

  • A Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) printed from the Immunization Information System (IIS),

  • A physical copy of the CIS form with a healthcare provider signature (hardcopy attached),

  • A physical copy of the CIS with accompanying medical immunization records from a healthcare provider verified and signed by school staff,

  • A CIS printed from the Washington Department of Health MyIR system or a CIS from another state. 


These updates may have affected your student’s vaccine status. Your school nurse would like to work with families that have experienced barriers in obtaining records needed from their healthcare provider.  

A Certificate of Exemption is still acceptable by the state if your student has a medical, religious, or personal reason for not getting a vaccine. Keep in mind a personal exemption is no longer accepted for Measles, Mumps and Rubella.

If we do not receive the above information before the start of school, the school building administrator, by law, must send a Notice of Exclusion for Immunization Noncompliance.  

If you would like to resolve immunization concerns please contact your building nurse, or contact your primary provider.

Student Health Services Department