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State testing plan for the 2021-22 school year

State testing plan for the 2021-22 school year

Posted on 06/07/2021

Spring is typically a time when our students sit for state testing. However, this year is far from normal and while our state was not approved for a testing waiver, we were able to postpone our testing until next year.


In the fall, students will test for their 2020-21 grade level. In the spring, as in a normal year, students will test for their current grade level (2021-22).


Fall 2021 testing (testing for the 2020-21 grade level):

  • Students who are in grades 4-9 and 11 will take the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA), English Language Arts (ELA) and Math tests.

  • Students in grades 6, 9, and 12 will also take the Washington Comprehensive Assessment in Science (WCAS) test.

  • For fall 2021 testing, the state will reduce the length of the tests and we will have results within two weeks.

  • Seniors who have not yet met their Grad Pathway may take the fall SBA ELA or Math tests to complete those pathways.

  • The SBA/WCAS test window will be September 27-November 10.

  • The Washington Access to Instruction and Measurement (WA-AIM) test window (for tests not completed this spring) will be September 27-December 10.

  • Individual schools will develop and share their specific test schedules with families as the window approaches.

NOTE: Because the English Language Proficiency Assessments (ELPA)/WIDA tests for English Learner (EL) students took place during Spring 2021, those assessments will not be part of the Fall 2021 test window. The regular annual EL assessment will be in Spring 2022.