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Edmonds School District

Athletics Update 10/25

Athletics Update

Posted on 10/25/2021

Fall Sports

Fall sports are in full swing! Pictured above: football, Brier Terrace Middle vs. College Place Middle, district middle school cross country meet, and K-8 middle school meet. 

Top 10 ESD Meet Boys: 1-Dominic Cole (BTM), 2-Logan Toulouse (BTM), 3-Jack Campbell (CPM), 4-Ian Meyers (BTM), 5-Liam Milstead (CPM), Will Matrone (MMS), 7-Colin Ray (MMS), 8-Beckett Cruz (MMS), 9-Ronin West (MMS), Will Thompson (BTM)

Top 10 ESD Meet Girls: 1--Janie Hanson (CPM), 2-Zoe Grant (MMS), 3-Aliah Karl (CPM), 4-Audrey Rothmier (CPM), 5- Scarlet Miller (MMS), 6- Marley Maquiling (MMS), 7-Quinn Gannon (MMS), 8-Alice Tyler (AMS), 9-Kea Manahan (BTM), 10- Lina Steinhagen (BTM)

Top 10 K8 Boys: 1- Lucas Hooks, 2-Benji Greene (MW), 3- Amsalu Mitchell (MW), 4-Quinn Quiroz (MA), 5- Pierce McCann (MA), 6- Connor Schillinger (MW), 7--Taylor Wuckoff (MW), 8-Jude Haines (MW), 9--Cole Newton (MW), 10- Gavin Puffoaff (MW)

Top 10 K8 Girls: 1-Hazel Zackey (MW), 2-Sadie Renick (MA), 3-Lydia Carlson (MA), 4-Brianna Healey (MW), Maya Strong (MA), Addy Pontak (MA), Adelyn Gephart (MA), Makenna Louch (MW), Brooke Mueller (MA)

Winter Sports Start in November

Middle school winter season 1:

  • Girls & Boys Soccer: Wednesday 11/3*

  • Girls Volleyball: Mon 11/8* 

  • Boys Basketball: Monday 11/8

      *date is subject to earlier start – please consult your school’s calendar


High school winter sports: Monday, November 15

  • Boys Swim, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Girls Wrestling, Boys Wrestling


  • ESD High Schools and Middle Schools will follow Department of Health Guidelines for required testing of unvaccinated athletes.

  • All middle and high unvaccinated students participating in high risk indoor sports (basketball, wrestling, cheer) will be required to test twice per week (WA DOH Guidelines Pg.18-19)

  • Students trying out for basketball or wrestling must provide proof of vaccination OR participate in screen testing in order to participate on the first day of tryouts and throughout the season.

    • Vaccinated athletes in middle schools should provide proof of vaccination. High school athletes will provide proof of vaccination to their Athletic Trainer.

    • Unvaccinated athletes must submit the Consent to Test form before tryouts start, so they can be tested in order to participate. This form should be submitted to each school’s athletics secretary.