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Edmonds School District

WESCO Names Fall Sports Athlete Selections

WESCO Names Fall Sports Athlete Selections

Posted on 05/25/2021

Fall sports athletes selected to all-league teams


Student athletes earned top WESCO Athletics league honors for their performance during the abbreviated fall sports season that lasted from late February to late March.


More than 80 district athletes competing in swimming, girls soccer, volleyball, cross country and football were selected.

All WESCO Fall Sports Selections

Mountlake Terrace High School



Tiffany Vuong – 50 Freestyle

Tiffany Vuong –100 Butterfly

Tiffany Vuong – 400 Freestyle Relay

Kaylyn Takeya – 500 Freestyle

Dana Khasanov – 400 Freestyle Relay

Angelina Ho – 400 Freestyle Relay

Breana Enriquez – 400 Freestyle Relay



Chloe Parker – Second Team

Sierra Sonko – Second Team

Natalie Cardin – Honorable Mention



Kiana Hinckley, First Team

Kayla Bentosino, First Team

Ellie Lomabard, Second Team

Kaitlin Scott, Honorable Mention

Tessa Overleese, Honorable Mention



Jai Nath, First Team

Ethan Dunne, Honorable Mention

Xavier Lake, Honorable Mention

Kayden Hinckley, Honorable Mention


Lynnwood High School


Girls Cross Country

Rachel Elliott, First Team

Donna Marie Harris, Honorable Mention

Kathryn Potter, Honorable Mention


Boys Cross Country

Daxtyn Castagnetta, Second Team

Anthony Chambers, Second Team

Matthew Mason, Second Team



Cheyenne Orullian, Second Team

Melia Plumis, Honorable Mention



Surina Soumpholphakdy, First Team

Sarah McArthur, First Team

Hannah Johnson, Second Team



Shawn Monan, First Team

Miguel Hurtado, First Team

Tanner Fahey, Second Team offense

Anthony Hooker, Second Team defense


Edmonds-Woodway High School

Girls Cross Country

Sharon Gutierrez, First Team

Stella Smith, First Team

Jemma Wilcox, First Team

Connor Bryan, First Team

Martina Landa, Second Team

Josiah  Ponton, Second Team

Jillian Beam, Honorable Mention

Isabel Hatzenbeler, Honorable Mention


Boys Cross Country

Connor Bryan, First Team

Josiah Ponton, Second Team

Dillon Sacket, Honorable Mention


Girls Soccer

Noelle Becker, First Team

Riley Horton, First Team

Jessica Emerson, First Team

Sydney Chappell, Second Team

Ava Rees, Second Team

Marley Davis, Second Team

Deanna Montero-Vega, Honorable Mention


Boys Tennis

Russell Anderson, First Team



Erika Fosbert, First Team

Maggie McGinness, First Team

Kaddy Kongira, Second Team



Emran Abdulkadir, First Team defense

Jake Ingram, First Team defense

Charlie Finch, First Team defense

Steele Swinton, Second Team offense

Ryan Fahey, Second Team offense

Nate Tesfatsion, Second Team offense

Riley Johnson, Second Team offense

Isaac Wicks, Second Team offense

Paul Ko, Second Team defense

Jacob Sanchez, Second Team defense

George Kartono, Second Team defense

Alec Rust, Honorable Mention

Dillon Rundorf, Honorable Mention

Evan Gibbs, Honorable Mention

Kevin Pratt, Honorable Mention


Nick Wood, Coach of the Year


Meadowdale High School

Girls Swim

Hayley Ross, Honorable Mention

Kyra Ross, Honorable Mention

Maddie Karnikis, Honorable Mention

Mya Granger, Honorable Mention

Mikaela Reyes, Honorable Mention


Girls Cross Country

Gia Powell, Second Team


Boys Cross Country

Deklund DeBell, First Team

Lance Broderhausen, Second Team

Austin Seals, Honorable Mention


Girls Soccer

Makayla Miller, Second Team



Chauncey Gantt, First Team Offense

Ian Newsom, First Team Defense

Jacob Wezenberg, First Team, Defense

Samuel Lybeer, First Team Defense

Tristan Ahlstedt, First Team Defense

Justice Williams, Second Team defense

Colton Leith, Second Team defense

Joseph Iglesias, Honorable Mention

Cole Sargent, Honorable Mention

Styles Dubois, Honorable Mention

Cedric Washington, Honorable Mention


Boys Tennis

Ylli Berisha, First Team



Tanna Kollen Second Team

Adah Hall, Honorable Mention

Sierra Moll, Honorable Mention

Maren L’Hirondelle, Honorable Mention