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Edmonds School District

Power outages and snow days

Power outages and snow days

Posted on 11/16/2020

Power outages during remote learning

power outage

Now that we are moving into the later fall and winter months, we can anticipate that utility outages will occur and this may interfere with remote learning.  We have prepared a power outage plan that will be shared with our communities to let everyone know what to do in the event of electricity outages or network interruptions. Check out the plan by clicking here.

Plan cuando ocurre un apagón de luz o del servicio de Internet

Goodbye snow days … for now at least

snow days

As a result of being in remote learning, we are much better equipped to deal with inclement weather (think snow, ice, etc.) than when we were in a full face-to-face learning environment. We anticipate days when snowy or icy weather might require the district to operate on a late start schedule or close, school can still take place. Sorry kids!