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Edmonds School District

October Educators of the Month-2020

October Educators of the Month - 2020

Posted on 11/12/2020

Alderwood Middle School

Michelle Dombroski, Alderwood Middle School science teacher, is an October Rotary Club of Alderwood-Terrace Educator of the Month.


Dombroski, the Science Department’s co-chair, teaches seventh grade science and serves as advisor to the Technology Students Association.


“As a TSA advisor, Michelle has helped build a powerful group that takes many top spots in competitions and positively represents Alderwood Middle School in the region, state, and nationally,” said Principal Brian Stewart. “Michelle has traveled to TSA Nationals twice in the last two years with a group of students from Alderwood Middle, where students have received several awards, including many placing in the top ten and even first place, nationally.”


Brier Terrace Middle School

Krista Morales, Brier-Terrace Middle School’s October Rotary Educator of the Month, is a humanities teacher and so much more.


This year, because of the pandemic, Krista has taken it upon herself to support staff who are not experts with Canvas, the primary learning platform. 


“She has a knack for understanding where people may be ‘caught up’ and then explaining how to solve issues in a way that is calming and effective,” Principal Scott Morrison said. “People actually look forward to her emails.”


She also created a schoolwide system to ensure staff identify and support students who may be falling through the cracks “during a time when it would be all too easy to do so,” he said.


Additionally, Krista was instrumental in creating a journalism class, partnering with Mountlake 

Terrace High’s Hawkeye newspaper, which is providing student mentors for the class.


Hazelwood Elementary School

Jackie Berry’s been Hazelwood Elementary’s Office Manager since 2011 but has a long history of involvement with the school, dating back to when her children attended and she was PTA president, volunteer and substitute paraeducator. 


Co-workers describe her as the “glue” for Hazelwood. “She has the ability to know when someone needs help before they do,” one co-worker wrote.

“Jackie is dedicated to staff, students, and families. Her positive energy sets the tone for our school and makes everyone who enters the office feel welcome and cared for,” Principal Norma Lee said.