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Edmonds School District

May Students of the Month

May High School Students of the Month

Posted on 05/25/2021


Edmonds eLearning Academy

Student Name: Gisela Autore
Parent’s Name: Emily Autore
Interests: I love volleyball and enjoy photography and hiking.
Community Service: I enjoy babysitting, volunteering for Visionhouse, and donating my time to local food banks.
Educational Goals: I plan on working towards my associates degree in my last two years of high school and attending the University of Washington’s Architecture program.
Career Goals: I aspire to become an architect and interior designer.
Anything else you want us to know? Photography is a passion of mine.

Edmonds Heights K-12
Student Name: Aungelina Aarskog
Student Name: Bella Jasso

Edmonds-Woodway High
Student Name: Stephanie Gutierrez
GPA: 3.77
Employment: Sales Associate
Educational Goals: Be patient and positive. Likewise, stay focused and resilient to achieve my goals.
Career Goals: Getting my bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Student Name: Angela Van Pelt
Parents’ Names: Jill and Michael Van Pelt
GPA: 3.4
Clubs & Activities: EWHS Choir 2017-2018
Honors: Honors English;Honors Biology
Awards: Library Helper Award 2013-2014; Woodway Walkers 2014-2015; Torch Honor Society Member 2016 Excellent attitude, Excellent Skills, Excellent Progress; Excellence in Social Studies 2019-2020.
Educational Goals: I plan to attend Edmonds College in the fall to work towards getting my associate’s degree in education and then transfer to a four-year university.
Career Goals: My career goal is to become a paraeducator or a teacher.
Anything else we should know? Thank you so much for this honor!!

Lynnwood High
Student Name: Zoya Kulikov-Wickizer
Parent’s Name: Totiana Kulikov
GPA: 3.6
Clubs & Activities: Robotics and Yearbook
Honors: I don’t know if taking three AP classes this year counts as honors
Community Service: Key Club for one semester
Significant School Project: I’ve been working in leadership class close with ASB and class office, mostly doing graphic design.
Educational Goals: To graduate
Career Goals: Focusing on a career as an artist.

Student Name: Seamus Laughlin
Parents’ Names: Josh and Ashlie Laughlin
GPA: 2.8 roughly
Significant School Project: Multiple different school articles for Journalism including my most recent edition where I covered the topic of Lynnwood High School’s new schedule/format for in-person students and online students. I interviewed different teachers and students on their opinions towards the new format.
Employment: A summer job at Five Guys, Inc.
Educational Goals: Graduating high school and making it past college to pursue my career goals.
Career Goals: To find work in the fitness industry such as a physical therapist
Anything else we should know? I just want to take the opportunity here to thank all the teachers/counselors/and staff who have helped get me to this point in my life where I’m ready to graduate from high school and begin a new chapter of my life in young adulthood. It certainly hasn’t been the most serene or straightforward four years in my life; however, at the same time, I’m willing to bet it usually never is for anyone. At the same time, they’ve arguably been the most crucial years of my life thus far from a learning perspective both in life as well as educationally and I honestly couldn’t imagine getting this far without the assistance of both my family and my educators who have helped me become the individual that I’m now. I look to the future and am not scared of the possibility of failure since I know now that shortcomings and obstacles aren’t meant to tear down or destroy individuals but are instead there to help build the foundation of a well-rounded person along with that person’s particular character; it’s lessons like this that I’ve had the privilege of learning from various different teachers throughout the years and I plan on carrying this significant information with me for now and forever.

Meadowdale High
Student Name: Jos Gaughan

Student Name: Charlotte Appel
Parents’ Names: Katie and Matthew Appel
GPA: 4.0
Clubs & Activities: Band (Drum Major), Jazz Band, Math Club (President), FCCLA (Vice President), International Order of the Rainbow for Girls
Honors: AP Scholar with Honors, National Honors Society, WMEA All-State Band
Community Service: I have over 150 community service hours in the Lynnwood and Meadowdale community.
Employment: Trudy’s Hallmark (Sales Associate)
Educational Goals: I will be attending Luther College in Decorah, IA this fall to study Music Career Goals: I hope to become a high school band director.

Mountlake Terrace High
Student Name: Bailey Sonko
Parent’s Name: Sandy Sonko
GPA: 3.5
Clubs & Activities: BSU, girls soccer, honors society, connect
Athletics: Soccer
Awards: Letters about literature national award
Community Service: key club
Employment: potbelly sandwich shop
Educational Goals: Will attend Howard University
Career Goals: I aspire to be a civil lawyer.

Student Name: Hermes Torres
Parents’ Names: Luz Marina Escoto and Hermes R Torres
Awards: May Student Of The Month!
Community Service: I help with my family’s business and play soccer with friends and family.
Career Goals: Mechanical Engineering

Project SEARCH
Student Name: Shane Zehrung
Parent’s Name: Darci Zehrung
Athletics: I used to play baseball, basketball, and soccer with Special Olympics.
Awards: I earned some medals for both basketball and baseball.
Community Service: I mow the neighbors lawn for them once in a while.
Employment: I am currently working at TjMaxx and helping to clean building offices.
Educational Goals: I want to practice driving and get my license.
Career Goals: I really want to work with a roofing company.
Anything else we should know? When I am not working or at school, I really like to play fetch with my dog.

Scriber Lake High
Student Name: Joseph Walker
Parents’ Names: Mycca and Bobby Walker
GPA 3.242
Educational Goals: Graduating high school this year
Career Goals: I plan to work in the psychology field or become an automotive repair man.
Anything else we should know? I am very active. Biking is a hobby I’ve had for years as well as working out.

Student Name: Yuritzy Ramirez
Parents’ Names: Herlinda Diaz and Javier Ramirez
Awards: Recognition awards at Scriber Lake High
Community Service: I work at a retirement home and spend time with the residents out of work hours.
Employment: Madison House Independent and Assisted Living
Educational Goals: I want to graduate, and continue studying at Evergreen to become an Esthetician!
Career Goals: I want to get an Esthetician License and hope to be able to expand my career enough to open my own shop.

VOICE Transition Program
Student Name: Ahmed Mohamed
Parents’ Names: Hibaq Esse & Abdikhaliq Mohamed
Athletics: sports