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Edmonds School District

Kick Off to Kindergarten

Kick Off to Kindergarten

Posted on 02/08/2021

Please share with family and friends who have future learners!

You are invited to watch the video from the Kick Off to Kindergarten event on Feb. 8:

What school will my child attend? Students are assigned to schools by their home address, so please visit the Neighborhood School Finder website and enter your residential address to find your school. 
Plan to attend Westgate or Sherwood? Overcrowding is an issue at Sherwood and Westgate elementary schools in Edmonds. The district is looking into different short and long-term solutions to address this issue. We hosted three community forums, one for Sherwood families, one for Westgate families and one for College Place Middle (CPM) and Edmonds eLearning Academy families . All were recorded and can be found on our YouTube Channel:


*Students need to be 5 years old by Aug. 31, 2021, to be eligible for kindergarten.

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