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Edmonds School District

High School Students of the Month - December 2020

December High School Students of the Month

Posted on 01/04/2021

Edmonds eLearning Academy

Student Name: Sophia Susanto
Interests: My interests are travelling around the world with family, trying out new technology, programming, and developing websites. As I travel, I love to try different foods and experience other cultures.
Community Service: I tutor math. Also, I volunteer for Sunday School at my church and help cook for the community.
Education Goals: My goal is to finish with a bachelor’s degree in a STEM related field.
Career Goals: I like teaching. I love to share my passion and knowledge with the world.

Edmonds Heights K-12

Student Name: Eman Hassan
Mother’s Name: Shagufta Hassan
Father’s Name: Mubarak Hassan

Student Name: Alexandra Wright
Mother’s Name: Susan Yule
Father’s Name: Karalynn Wright
GPA: 3.8
Clubs & Activities: Yearbook, Leadership Council.
ASB: Alexandra has been a member of the ASB since she was in seventh grade.
Honors: Alexandra has been taking college classes for two years now.
Awards: Stem Expo participant 2018, 2019
Community Service: Alexandra has been a Girl Scout since she can remember and has done countless food drives with them. Her current employment also gives out free meals which she donates her time to.
Current Employment: Alexandra currently works at a bistro on Friday Harbor.
Educational Goals: Alexandra hopes to go to college for computer science.
Career Goals: Alexandra plans to go into the tech field after graduation from college.
Anything else we should know? Alexandra’s favorite color is purple and she loves to snowboard.

Edmonds-Woodway High

Student Name: Ella Zoloth
Mother’s Name: Amy Zoloth
Father’s Name: Scott Zoloth
GPA: 3.99
Clubs & Activities: High school soccer, club soccer, high school tennis, national honors society
Athletics: Varsity soccer, varsity tennis
Honors: National Honor Society
Community Service: I have committed around 100 hours to volunteer work at the Edmonds Food Bank.
Employment: I am not formally employed but am a nanny for multiple families.
Educational Goals: Next fall I plan to attend a four-year university.
Career Goals: I am still undecided as to an exact career; however, I hope to work with others, possibly pursuing a career in social sciences.
Anything else we should know? I am a full International Baccalaureate candidate and a very dedicated student. I love building strong relationships among my peers and challenging myself and those around me to our best abilities.

Student Name: Dylan Strauss
Mother’s Name: Fausta Sestilli
Father’s Name: Scott Strauss
GPA: 4.0
Clubs & Activities: Link Crew, Writing Center (co-president), Tutoring and Resource Website (founder)
Athletics: Boys tennis
Honors: National Honor Society
Significant School Project: Last May, I worked to start up an online, peer-led tutoring program where students can request tutoring, post anonymous questions, and find helpful studying resources in a range of subjects. The project has been a lot of fun, and it’s been a great way to keep in touch with friends and get to know other students during the pandemic!
Educational Goals: My top choices for college are probably the University of Washington, Northeastern, and Swarthmore. Right now, I’m most interested in linguistics and environmental science but that is very likely to change! I want to use my time in college to explore and find the right path for me.

Lynnwood High

Student Name: Matthew Mason
Mother’s Name: Marimi Mason
GPA: 3.975
Clubs & Activities: President of National Honor Society, Interact Club, Key Club, Tri-M,
Athletics: Cross Country, Track and Field
Educational Goals: To attend University of Washington or Seattle U then head to law school.
Future Career Goals: To become an environmental lawyer.

Student Name: Ellie Tail
Mother’s Name: Selina Demmert
Community Service: I work with a native coding group, that does help in the native community events.
Employment: I work at target as a cashier
Career Goals: I really want to make and code games.

Meadowdale High

Student Name: Allan Mbuthia
Mother’s Name: Irene Mbuthia
Father’s Name: Walter Mwaura
GPA: 3.96
Clubs & Activities: I have participated in BSU (Black Student Union) and I am currently participating in NHS (National Honors Society). I am looking forward to playing for the school basketball team if situations allow this school year (hopefully at the varsity level).
Athletics: I love to play the game of basketball. I have made the freshman and junior varsity teams. My next goal is to become a better player and play at the varsity level in my last two years of high school.
Honors: National Honor Society
Awards: I have earned a spot as Student of the Month twice for two years in a row, have qualified and been accepted to the National Honor Society since middle school, and have attained several quarters and semesters where I have had a 4.0 grade point average in middle school and high school. I have also been awarded college credit based on scores I have received on AP tests. I have taken Advanced Placement courses.
Community Service: I participate in the National Honors Society and have willingly chosen to be a leader and someone who helps the community. Throughout the school year I will be volunteering at food banks around my community and looking for more opportunities to volunteer where needed.
Educational Goals: I am planning on going to a four-year university and obtaining a bachelor’s degree and eventually a master’s degree. This is significant to me because I can be the first member of my family to go to college.
Career Goals: My career goal is to work in the computer engineering field after college. I want to do something related to computer science, information technology, or computer hardware engineering. Another career goal of mine is to play some type of professional basketball. Ultimately, I want to be someone who is hardworking, successful in life, and someone whom others can look up to.
Anything else we should know? I am a citizen of both Kenya and America. I was born in Kenya and moved to America when I was four years old. I want to thank all the teachers and staff at Meadowdale elementary, middle, and high school that have helped me reach where I am today.

Student Name: Katella Wright
Mother’s Name: Mary Wright
Father’s Name: Mark Wright
GPA: 3.9
Clubs & Activities: Co-President of Debate Club, President of National Honors Society, Link Leader & Coordinator, and member of Meadowdale Choir, and member of Impact Team at Alderwood Community Church
Athletics: Girls tennis team
Honors: I’ve received several honors and have taken advanced placement level classes over the last four years.
Awards: Tennis award for “Most Ambitious”
Community Service: Over 100 hours of volunteering within the Lynnwood and Meadowdale community
Significant School Project: I’m currently facilitating a project where MHS student volunteers make cards for residents at “Quail Park,” a local assisted living community, for those who cannot go out and buy cards for their loved ones due to COVID.
Employment: Brown Bear Car Wash
Educational Goals: I am planning to attend a four year university and earn a Master’s of Business Administration.

Mountlake Terrace High

Student Name: Katie Barry
Mother’s Name: Tami Barry
Father’s Name: Dwight Barry
GPA: 3.88
Clubs & Activities: TSA and TSA leadership; Feminism Club (founder) and Feminism Club Leadership, weekly conversation partner for Spanish/English culture and language exchange.
Athletics: Varsity swim, team ninth and 10th grades.
Honors: Honor Roll
Awards: First place at TSA nationals for Animatronics, first place TSA State for Science; Visualization, swim team state championship competitor.
Community Service: Agape Girls Junior Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild founding member and former treasurer
Significant School Project: STEM English, Personal Research Project: Utilizing GIS to track and minimize natural disaster damage in Snohomish county.
Educational Goals: Ph.D in anthropology, graduate degree in statistics, undergraduate in humanities and a minor in statistics or Spanish
Career Goals: Anthropologist and/or statistician.

Student Name: Kai Hinch
Mother’s Name: Anne Nyhammer
Father’s Name: Ken Hinch
GPA: 3.7
Clubs & Activities: Executive ASB; Honor Society; Connect Crew; Hawk Broadcast Network
Superintendent Student Advisor; Reopening Edmonds Advisory Committee; Student Advisor on the Edmonds School District Board
ASB: General ASB Representative (Junior year); Executive ASB Public Relations (Current)
Athletics: Varsity Cross Country; Varsity Boy’s Swim Team; Varsity Track and Field
Honors: I was elected team Captain for Cross country and Swim team; awarded MVP for Boy’s Swim my sophomore and junior years.
Awards: Athlete of the week
Community Service: Multiple food drives; Baby Drive
Significant School Project: Developing a CO2 scrubber for vehicles
Educational Goals: Four-year college
Career Goals: Pharmacy

Scriber Lake High

Student Name: Jayden Vivolo-Silva
Mother’s Name: Amy Silva
Father’s Name: Eugene Vivolo
GPA: 3.0
Clubs & Activities: Chess club, photography
Awards: 100 percent attendance, good grades
Anything else we should know?: I’m happy that I could graduate early.

Student Name: Seamus Lanigan
Mother’s Name: Billie Lanigan
Father’s Name: Kevin
GPA: 2.1
Community Service: Coaching hockey for 3 years
Educational Goals: Associates degree
Career Goals: Game/graphic arts design

Project SEARCH

Student Name: Emmett Larimer
Mother’s Name: Erika
Father’sName: Dave
Athletics: I play basketball and baseball.
Awards: Special Olympics I got gold and silver medals in bowling and basketball.
School Project: I did a group of drama classes with other students in a theater.
Educational Goals: I want to take some classes to help in reading and math.
Career Goals: I would really like to work in a library because it is a quiet place to work. I like working in quiet places. I also want to be able to work on the computer to look up books.
Anything else we should know? I am great with friends and I have a theater in my house. I like to act out plays. I like to do chores around my house to help out. I am a good dog person and my dog’s name is Amy.

VOICE Transition Program

Student Name: William D. Frieboes
Mother’s Name: Brenda M. Frieboes
Clubs & Activities: Youth Group, Legos, Walking, Pokemon, Baking
Athletics: Special Olympics Sports
Community Service: William loves to volunteer at his church.