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Edmonds School District

Dr. Balderas condemns acts of hate and racism

Superintendent Dr. Balderas condemns acts of hate and racism

Posted on 03/17/2021

Dear Edmonds School District families,

Recent events, including the loss of life and hate speech against the Asian and Pacific Islander communities, are a reality many of our students, staff, parents and community are experiencing. Fear, hate-based actions and harmful biases are damaging to our diverse community and will not be tolerated in our district.

As stated in our race and equity policy, the diversity of our student body, our staff and our community is the strength of this district and must be fostered. We believe the responsibility for student success is broadly shared by staff, families, our community and our students’ own efforts. Each student deserves respectful learning environments in which diversity is valued and contributes to successful academic outcomes.

I encourage all families, students and staff to visit the resources below. Report bullying and hate speech as soon as you see it and become an advocate for safe and inclusive environments in your school and community.




Dr. Gustavo Balderas


The following organizations can assist with emotional/mental health resources: