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Edmonds School District

Civil unrest

Response to civil unrest

Posted on 06/04/2020

Dear Edmonds School District Community, 

I write to you saddened, deflated, and anxious. Certainly, something must commence from the culmination of hate crimes that have brought our nation to this current state of unrest. Perhaps our start is an individual commitment to continuously learn, grow, and act. First individually, and then collectively. While the Equity & Student Success office is in transition, that has not stopped our planning and determination to eradicate racism by learning and doing. 


Black Lives Matter and it is our responsibility to recognize injustices and proactively take steps in making our schools a better place to learn and work, which directly contributes to our communities becoming better places to live. 


We are implementing a socially conscious curriculum combined with a wide variety of learning opportunities focused on disrupting a system that has historically disparaged generations of people. In planning this learning, our newly appointed Executive Director, Equity & Student Success, Dr. Victor Vergara, nor I must not become a single voice.


Join us for a virtual community meeting

At 4 p.m. Thursday, June 11, 2020, our Equity & Student Success team will host a 60-minute community Zoom meeting where we can openly discuss the professional learning opportunities currently planned. This meeting will also allow us to hear thoughts from our community about the next steps and current needs. All are welcome! Please find the link to our Zoom meeting here.


Share with us

Furthermore, the Equity & Student Success team has created an interactive way to share resources. Padlet is a free learning tool that allows anyone to post anonymously for free. My hope is that you join us in sharing books, training, articles, and other needed resources.


Excitement for the future

As I exit the system at the end of this month, it is with a tremendous amount of honor and excitement that I pass the leadership torch to Dr. Victor Vergara, who shares a commitment to equity and eradicating racism not only in our schools but in the communities that make up the Edmonds School District.


Please spread the word
We invite you to share this message our community. Again, we want to welcome everyone to our Zoom community meeting at 4 p.m. Thursday, June 11, 2020. 


Thank you for your continued support!


In solidarity,


Dr. Kimberlee Armstrong
Executive Director of the Office of Equity & Student Success (outgoing)

Dr. Victor Vergara

Executive Director of the Office of Equity & Student Success (incoming)

The Office of Equity and Student Success is formerly the Office of Equity & Public Relations