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Edmonds School District

Attendance, Grading, LMS, Schedules and more

Attendance, Grading, LMS, Student Daily Schedules & FREE meals for ALL kids!

Posted on 09/08/2020

Students are expected to attend school daily. Teachers will take daily attendance while students are in a fully remote or hybrid learning model, as required by the state.

Daily attendance will be taken and students should expect to access the live (synchronous) Zoom sessions provided by their teachers on Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday and participate in on-demand (asynchronous) activities on Wednesdays. 

In instances where a student is unable to attend the live (synchronous) Zoom sessions provided by their teachers, students must demonstrate attendance in an alternate way and communicate that to the teacher. Examples could include email, phone call, video conference, text via Remind application, etc. Communicating with teacher(s) is critical.

Schools will implement their regular procedures for excused and unexcused absences. Schools will continue to use the School Messenger attendance notification system to contact parents/guardians when a student is absent. Contact your school if you have further questions regarding daily required attendance.

All transcripts for the 2020-21 school year will have a COVID-19 designation included to capture the uniqueness of this time. During remote and hybrid learning, the district will grade students in the following ways:

Kindergarten through 6th grade students

  • Standards-based Grading (1-4)

    • 4: Exemplary. The student performs at a level that exceeds expectations at this time.

    • 3: Proficient. The student performs at a level that meets expectations at this time.

    • 2: Progressing. The student performs at a level that is approaching expectations at this time.

    • 1: Beginning. The student performs at a level that is below expectations at this time.


7th through 12th grade students

  • A-D or No Credit (NC).

  • Including the NC (which is to be treated like the Incomplete (I) designation used in the spring) in place of an F grade allows for consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic and remote learning factors that may limit some students’ access and ability to engage.  

  • Students given an NC for a course will be given opportunities to re-engage in learning and complete the course. A plan for course completion and earning credit will be developed between the teacher, student, parents/guardians, counselor, and administrators as appropriate.

What if my student received an Incomplete (I) grade in the spring of 2020?
The district is following the state’s recommendations and will provide students with multiple pathways to convert Incompletes (I) into passing grades. Schools principals and counselors will work closely with students and families to develop plans for converting any Incompletes. Some of those pathways could include the following:

  • Working with the teacher who assigned the Incomplete to finish coursework needed to earn a passing grade is preferred.

  • Backfilling credit by taking and passing the next course in the sequence.

  • Independent Study developed in consultation with the teacher.

  • Taking and completing online courses through Edmonds eLearning Academy.

  • Earning competency-based credits through assessments or High School and Beyond Plan Pathways.

Students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that specifies Pass/Fail (P/F)
If your student has modified grading as part of their IEP, the student may only earn a P or NC, not an F.




Your student's Learning Management System (LMS) will serve as the homebase for schedules, lessons, assignments, feedback from teachers, links to Zoom meetings and teacher/student messaging. 


Click on the links below based on your student's grade level to find introductory training on how to access and navigate the appropriate learning management system.


Students will be able to log in to their LMS starting Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2020.


Kindergarten - 2nd grade students: Seesaw Access and Navigation
(Students will be able to log in through Clever starting 9/8.)

3rd - 6th grade students: Canvas for Elementary
(Students will be able to log in to Canvas starting on 9/8.)

7th - 12th grade students: Canvas for Secondary 

(Students will be able to log in to Canvas starting on 9/8.)



Please see the finalized daily schedules for students during Continuous Learning 2.0


Starting Wednesday, Sept, 9, 2020, our Food and Nutrition Services team will begin serving free meals for all kids ages one to 18. Each week, students or their parent/guardian can go to one of the locations and receive a week’s worth of breakfast and lunch meal kits for each child. Here is the list of grab and go meal sites


Below are some common questions and answers around meal service:


Do we have to pay to get the school meal kits?

No, meals will be free for all kids ages 1-18 through Dec. 31, 2020 per federal guidelines.


Who can receive meals? 

Meals are intended for all children age 1-18; they do not need to be Edmonds School District Students. If children are unable to be present at one of the meal sites, parents or guardians may pick up meals for their children.


Do I need to pre-register?



What if I am not able to make it to a meal site? 

If you have barriers that keep your families from getting to a meal pick up site, please call your school’s main office, the Family Support Line 425-431-1454 or send an email to   


What if I have more questions? 

Call our Food and Nutrition Services Department at 425-431-7707

Or send an email


Should I still apply for free or reduced meals? 

Yes, this will ensure your family is able to receive free meals if we move to hybrid model and that your family qualifies for all additional discounts like sports fees, internet and course fee waivers.  Here is how to apply: complete this application below, then turn it in at any school or meal site.