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Edmonds School District

September High School Students of the Month

September High School Students of the Month 2019

Posted on 10/15/2019

Edmonds eLearning Academy

Student Name: Lili Schreiner


Edmonds Heights K-12

Student Name: Paige Matheson

Mother's Name: Yolanda Matheson

Father's Name: Andrew Matheson

GPA: 4.0 at EdCC Running Start

Clubs & Activities: Musical Theater, Thespian Troupe & Circus Arts

Athletics: Basketball & Circus Arts

Honors: Edmonds Community College Honor Roll

Community Service: Helping in the Preschool at Church

Educational Goals: Masters or PhD

Career Goals: To be an astrophysicist or game developer

Anything else we should know? I enjoy playing the piano and painting.


Student Name: Matthew Garrett Pullom

Mother's Name: Candice Pullom

Father's Name: Djamal Pullom

GPA: 3.832

Clubs & Activities: Theater and Robotics

Athletics: Tae Kwon Do

Honors: National Society of High School Scholars membership

Awards: First Deans Semi Finalist, Thespian member

Community Service: Show tech volunteer work, community garden work, assistance with engineering workshops

Significant School Project: Robotics fundraising (worked with team)

Future Educational Goals: I'd like to eventually obtain a masters degree, perhaps go further down the educational track.

Future Career Goals: Pursuit of engineering field (somewhere in the realm of mechanics, electronics, or computer science)


Edmonds-Woodway High

Student Name: Vania Liu

Mother's Name: Julie Liu

Father's Name: Solomon Liu

GPA: 3.9

Clubs & Activities: Chinese Club President, Warriors4Christ President, Tri-M Club, Band

ASB: Senior Class ASB Secretary for four years

Athletics: Girls' Swim team Captain, Girls' varsity tennis team

Honors: Member of National Honors Society since 2018

Awards: AAUW STEM award, President's Volunteer Service Award

Community Service: I serve food at local homeless shelters with my church youth group. I also help serve around my school by participating in Pep Band for football and basketball games and painting posters for events. Additionally, as a member of ASB, I help my school serve our community by helping out with community service projects such as raising money for local charities and collecting food for the Edmonds Food Bank.

Significant School Project: This year, I am president of the Chinese Club at my school. I want to help share and spread awareness of Chinese culture at EWHS to help my school in its efforts to be more diverse.

Educational Goals: I hope to go to the University of Washington to major in biology.

Career Goals: I hope to pursue a career in optometry.

Anything else we should know? I'm a Full IB diploma Candidate. I love to learn and really appreciate all the hard work teachers and staff at our school put into making our school a great place! Also, I am truly honored to receive this title!


Student’s Name: Jason Lim

Mother's Name: Grace Lim

Father's Name: Sung Lim

GPA: 3.23846

Clubs & Activities: Warriors 4 Christ 

Awards: Positivity and inspirational award

Community Service: Christmas caroling at the rehab center

Future Educational Goals: To graduate from college

Future Career Goals: To become a pastor

Anything else we should know? I enjoy going to church and spending time with friends and family. I also enjoy writing.


Lynnwood High

Student Name: Mae Cramer

Mother's Name: Maggie Cramer

Father's Name: Hawk Cramer


Clubs & Activities: Class office, Leadership, Equity Team, Editor of the Royal Gazette, Intersectional Feminism Club, Lettering Club.

ASB: Senior Class Office Secretary.

Athletics: Played on the “C” team for volleyball my freshman year.

Honors: Honors Classes throughout high school, and six AP classes.

Awards: Honor Roll throughout high school.

Community Service: Since the 7th-grade, I have volunteered weekly in my old 4th-grade classroom.

Significant School Project: High school voter registration drive, Feminism Club and class office activities.

Current Employment: Starbucks Barista!

Educational Goals: My dream school is Gonzaga University in Spokane. I hope to graduate with an elementary education degree while minoring in women's and gender studies.

Career Goals: I would love nothing more than to be an elementary school teacher and be as active as I can in the social justice community. Several of my friends and teachers think I should be a politician. Who knows where it will take me?

Anything else we should know? My family, and my teachers mean everything to me. My high school experience would not have been as wonderful without the phenomenal teachers and staff members. Everyone genuinely cares about the students and push them to be the very best they can be.


Student Name: Jorge Ortiz

Mother's Name: Nubia Ortega

Father's Name: Jorge Ortiz

GPA: 3.314

Clubs & Activities: Orchestra

Awards: Music awards

Current Employment: Subway

Educational Goals: College or university

Anything else we should know? I like cooking and baking. I have attended three different high schools.


Meadowdale High

Student Name: Patrick May

Mother's Name: Loucinda White

Father's Name: Jim White

GPA: 2.9

Clubs & Activities: Drama, choir, improv captain, state thespian officer, open mic.

ASB: Senior Senator

Athletics: I play volleyball and enjoy yoga and dance!!!

Awards: Link Leader of the Month.

Community Service: Link PROGRAM, Summer Bible Study Camp, Helping with the middle school musical.

Educational Goals: I want to get my AA degree at Edmonds Community College, then transfer to Western and get my BA in Graphic Design and Musical Theater. In between that time I want to do Disney internship in California. I am also interested in the University of Michigan Theater program.

Career Goals: To be a graphic designer and/or chef.

Anything else we should know? I am an advocate of the arts and stand up for them whenever they are in trouble. I also like cheesecake.


Student Name: Jacob Smith

Mother's Name: Emily Smith

GPA: 2.7

Future Educational Goals: To attend college.

Future Career Goals: To find a job.


Mountlake Terrace High

Student Name: Morgan McCraney

Mother's Name: Laurie McCraney

Father's Name: Steven McCraney

GPA: 3.93

Clubs & Activities: National Honors Society, Connect Crew, Key Club, Chamber Winds 

ASB; Senior Class President, Junior Class President, Sophomore Class Vice President, Freshman Class Vice President  

Athletics: Cross Country, Track 

Community Service: For the past three years I have been a part of the MTH food drive with ASB. During the food drive I spent a lot of time standing outside of grocery stores accepting donations and counting the donations. My sophomore year, my class won the school competition for bringing in the most donations! As a part of Key Club I've also participated in numerous toiletry drives. 

Significant School Project: Last year for my ASB passion project I really wanted to make students more well known at MTHS who may not be as involved with school, but still have a unique story to tell. My team and I came up with the idea to post a picture and a story of a different student each week on Sunday on the MTH Instagram page. We called this "Story Time Sunday". We captured many people's ethnic backgrounds and familial traditions. It was a big success and I hope to continue it this next year! 

Current Employment: Aerie at the Alderwood Mall 

Educational Goals: I want to major in political science and continue on to law school. 

Career Goals: I want to either be a lawyer or a public policy maker.


Student’s Name: Nolan DeGarlais

Mother's Name: Cynthia DeGarlais

Father's Name: Richard DeGarlais

GPA: 3.99362

Clubs & Activities: Editor-in-Chief of the Hawkeye, 2019-Present. News Editor of the Hawkeye, 2017-2019. Hawkeye Staff Reporter, 2016-2017. MTHS Technology Student Association Member, 2016-Present. MTHS Technology Student Association Chapter Reporter, 2017-2019. National Honor Society Member, 2018-Present. Student Adviser to the School Board, 2019-Present.

Honors: Freshman: Honors Biology, Honors World History, Honors Geometry, Honors English 9. Sophomore: AP European History (5), Honors English 10, Honors Chemistry. Junior: AP United States History (5), AP English Language and Composition (5), AP Chemistry (4). Senior: AP US Government and Politics, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Statistics, AP Biology.

Awards: 2019 Washington State Delegate to the Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism Conference. AP Scholar with Honor, 2019. WJEA: Superior in News Editing (2019). JEA: Honorable Mention in Online News Package (2019); Excellence in News Writing (2018), Excellence in News Writing (2017). WTSA: First Place in Biotechnology Design (2019), Fifth Place in Essays on Technology (2019), Fourth Place in Technology Bowl (2019), Third Place in Biotechnology Design (2017). 

Community Service: Volunteer with the Foundation for Edmonds School District's Nourishing Network meals program, which provides free lunches to students during the summer months.

Current Employment: Newsroom Writer for TeenTix, a Seattle-based youth arts criticism program.

Educational Goals: Attend a four-year university to study some combination of political science, economics, and/or journalism.

Anything else we should know? I hope to travel the world and explore the diverse perspectives that are too often overlooked by mainstream discourse.


Project SEARCH

Student Name: Devin Slaney

Mother's Name: Rebecca Heinie

Father'sName: Mark Heinie

Athletics: I play golf, I ride quads

Community Service: Volunteer at Swedish-Edmonds Hospital doing security

Current Employment: I am working at Edmonds Value Village

Future Career Goals: I would like to work at Guitar Center testing instruments and making sure they are in tune. I would like to be able to bring good customer service to the place.

Anything else we should know? I am a very inspiring ventriloquist and really enjoy Jeff Dunham.  I sometimes get the opportunity to ride horses and I love riding horses.


Scriber Lake High

Student Name: Seraiah Slaughter

Mother's Name: Andrea Love

Father's Name: Sikou Slaughter

GPA: 3.5

Clubs & Activities: Revolution Root

Significant School Project: Mini courses

Current Employment: Papa Murphys

Future Educational Goals: Graduating on time, graduating college


Student Name: Susan Gabbard

Mother's Name: Mey Saeteurn

GPA: 3.5

Awards: Attendance, Chef class

Significant School Project: Will be working on a tiny house

Educational Goals: I want to go to trade school.


VOICE Transition Program

Student Name: Joshua Daniel Tebow

Mother's Name: Nicole Tebow

Father's Name: Scott Tebow

Athletics: Special Olympics

Current Employment: I currently work as a volunteer employee at Value Village Edmonds

Educational Goals: To graduate in June

Career Goals: I want to get a paid job as a groundskeeper

Anything else we should know? I am honored to accept the student of the month award I'm so happy that I was chosen to get this award