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Edmonds School District

November High School Students of the Month

November High School Students of the Month

Posted on 12/03/2019

Edmonds Heights K-12

Student name: Sara Dakhil
Mother’s name: Widad Zlitni
Father’s Name: Naser Dakhil
GPA: 4.0
Clubs & Activities: Accounting club at EDCC.
Honors: Honor roll and on Dean’s list at Edmonds Community College.
Educational Goals: I plan on transferring to the University of Washington and receiving a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Edmonds-Woodway High

Student’s Name: Yuteng Ethan Wang
Mother’s Name: Nancy Huang
Father’s Name: Jianli Wang
GPA: 3.970
Clubs & Activities: Chinese Club Member
ASB: ASB card, no ASB office positions
Athletics: Swim Team Captain, varsity member/state qualifier for four years and three-time school record holder.
Honors: NHS Vice President; Commended Scholar for the National Merit Scholarship with a score of 1460 on the PSAT
Awards: Regional award for photography in the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards
Community Service: Over 500 hours
Significant School Project: Leader and organizer of a community fundraiser that raised $1,500 for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.
Future Educational Goals: To earn an M.D. degree.
Future Career Goals: To be a surgeon.
Anything else we should know? My success is only possible because of the opportunities presented by my teachers and parents.

Student Name: Lissy Marín Contreras
Mother’s Name: Yesica Marin-Contreras
Father’s Name: Juan Marin De La Cadena
GPA: 3.69
Clubs & Activities: I am the club secretary of Future Career, Community, Leaders of America. I am also a member of DECA, Colores Unidos, and Liberty United. I am an actor in an EWHS play production.
Athletics: I played C-team girls soccer freshman year. I then played goalkeeper for JV both sophomore and junior year.
Honors: I joined National Honors Society end of Sophomore year.
Awards: I was awarded Most Improved Player Sophomore year.
Community Service: I am an active volunteer at my Church. I volunteer at different fundraising events and I am a youth group leader. I had the amazing opportunity to clean Cocoon House and make them food as well. I also visited the mental health clinic to color and have some conversations with the patients.
Significant School Project: My friend Anna and I organized a Pop-Up Thrift Shop where we organized a clothing drive and sold the clothes. We then donated all of the profits to uncompensated care at Seattle Children’s Hospital. It took three months of preparation and organization. We were successful as we were able to raise $1,000 for Seattle Children’s. We also donated the rest of the clothes to the Seattle Children’s boutique.
Educational Goals: I want to graduate college with a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing or Human Resources.
Career Goals: My career goal is to be a Latina businesswoman and it is a way I strive to give back to my community. By making sure that my workplace treats all people with equal respect and being an example to other young Latinxs that with hard work and dedication one can get far.
Anything else we should know? I would like to share a quote from my mother as it motivated me to work hard throughout my education: “No se dice ‘no puedo’; se dice ‘tengo que poder.’” This translates more or less to English as, “Don’t say ‘I can’t’; say ‘I have to be able to.’”

Lynnwood High

Student Name: Jennifer Stump
Mother’s Name: Kumiko Stump
Father’s Name: Randy Stump
GPA: 3.3
Clubs & Activities: Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Cascade Youth Symphony Orchestra, MPC Brass, CYSO European Tour Orchestra, Tri-M
Honors: Two time All-State Trumpet Player
Community Service: Edmonds Summer Music School Camp Counselor, ADWAS CODA Camp Counselor, High School volunteer for ESD Middle School Girls Honors Jazz Ensemble
Educational Goals: Attend either University of Washington, Central Washington University, and study either mathematics, computer science, or music/music education.
Career Goals: I’m not really sure at the moment but I’m looking to explore potential careers through my college experience.
Anything else we should know? Thank you so much!

Student Name: James Osburn
Mother’s Name: Ellie Osburn
Father’s Name: Mike Osburn
GPA: 3.688
Clubs & Activities: Boy Scouts, BSA Order of the Arrow, Altar Serving,Tri-M, Band, and Royal Robotics.
Athletics: Cross Country and Track during junior year.
Honors: Various honors classes throughout high school, and 6 AP classes.
Awards: Eagle Scout Candidate; LHS Student of the Month during Sophomore year.
Community Service: Participation in the Tri-M Food drive throughout all four years.
Significant School Project: My Eagle Project, Installation of a Peace Pole on the school grounds.
Current Employment: General Laborer, City of Lynnwood Parks Department
Future Educational Goals: I want to go to Edmonds Community College to get my associate’s degree, and transfer to a four-year college afterwards. I am considering ROTC.
Future Career Goals: If I pursue ROTC, I’d stay in the military for at least four years. I want to pursue a computer technology-related career during and/or after my military time.
Anything else we should know? I attended significant Boy Scout outings: Philmont 12 Day Trek and the 2019 World Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia.

Meadowdale High

Student Name: Zachary Matson
Mother’s Name: Andrea Matson
Father’s Name: Jim Matson
GPA: 3.8
Clubs & Activities: Rival Baseball Club and Sno-Isle Firefighting
Athletics: Meadowdale Baseball and Rival Baseball Club
Honors: Honors Geometry on Sophomore year
Awards: Leader award in firefighting, letter in Baseball, and certificate for varsity baseball
Community Service: Silver creek family church Mission trips (San Francisco 2016, Los Angeles 2017 and Nashville 2018)
Current Employment: Base by Pros Directory and Front desk
Future Educational Goals: To earn an Associate’s in Fire science at college
Future Career Goals: Firefighter and major league baseball pitcher
Anything else we should know? I sold about 150ish gold cards for baseball fundraising over the last three years

Student Name:  Hannah Akau

Mountlake Terrace High

Student Name: Jamie Bingaman
Mother’s Name: Christen Bingaman
Father’s Name: Jason Bingaman
GPA: 3.97
Clubs & Activities: key club, deca, national Honors Society, and sports med club
Athletics: Softball and volleyball
Honors: National honors society
Awards: First team all wesco
Community Service: I volunteer once a week and take 94-year-old Marjorie Mathson to get her groceries and help her with things around her apartment.
Future Educational Goals: To play softball at a four-year university.

Student Name: Mason Christianson
Mother’s Name: Kristy Christianson
Father’s Name: Troy Christianson
GPA: 3.3
Clubs & Activities: Varsity basketball
Athletics: Varsity basketball
Honors: National Honor Society
Awards: Athlete of the week; first team all WESCO
Community Service: Tutoring elementary kids
Future Educational Goals: To attend a four-year university playing basketball

Project SEARCH

Student’s Name: Kevin Kennedy
Mother’s Name: Wendy Kennedy
Father’s Name: Kurt Kennedy
Clubs & Activities: Basketball
Community Service: I do some bulletins for the church family
Significant School Project: Swedish Edmonds Project Search Volunteer Intern in the Kitchen prepping food.
Future Career Goals: I like to work at Wendy’s making hamburgers
Anything else we should know? I like to see Google Maps United States

Scriber Lake High

Student Name: Karl Kaden Lundblade
Mother’s Name: Cindie Lundblade
Father’s Name: Karl Lundblade
GPA: 1.8
Clubs & Activities: chess club (disbanded)
Future Educational Goals: Psychology
Future Career Goals: Psychologist

Student Name: Sydni Hillman
Mother’s Name: Melissa Rae
Father’s Name: Dan Hillman
GPA: 3.139
Clubs & Activities: Art Club, GSA
Future Educational Goals: Going to Evergreen State College
Future Career Goals: Creative writer, storyboard artist, librarian.

VOICE Program

Student Name: Breeanne Critchett
Mother's Name: Lori O’Brien
Father's Name: Todd Critchett
Honors: two honors from 2015 to 2016
Awards: Biotechnology award in Junior year
Significant School Project: Intern Urban Paper Crafter
Current Employment: Bath and Body Works Alderwood Mall
Future Educational Goals: To handle my stress more
Future Career Goals: To get a job that will pay me good so I can pay for my own home one day
Anything else we should know? My class is crazy but I love it.