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Edmonds School District

February high school students of the month

February high school students of the month 2020

Posted on 03/03/2020

Each month, our high school programs select students to be recognized for their accomplishments and achievements.


Edmonds eLearning Academy

Student Name: Trinity McDaniel

Mother’s Name: Lisa

Father’s Name: Chris

Interests: I like to spend time with my family and I play quite a bit of video games. I also have two cats of my own and they’re very important to me, I spend a lot of time with them too.

Community Service: I’ve never done any community service/work but I plan on trying something like babysitting sooner or later.

Education Goals: I want to put in my full potential when it comes to school and maybe even go to college, but that’s far ahead of me now.

Career Goals: I’d like to do some astronomy work, working at NASA in the future would be super cool.


Edmond Heights K-12

Student Name: Ashley Butler

Mother’s Name: Angie Doulas

Father’s Name: Chris Butler

Clubs & Activities: Theater; teacher’s assistant; tutoring; Teching; Battle of the Books.

Awards: Battle of the Books.

Educational Goals: Western University, AA, Bachelors.

Career Goals: Working with kids, teaching, becoming a therapist or psychologist of some sort.

Anything else we should know? In the future, I want to work to improve the lives of others by using my voice to speak up and speak out. I want to work with kids, help fix the education system, and give a voice to those who seldom have one.


Student Name: Emilio Ceja

Mother’s Name: Teresa Ceja

Father’s Name: Jesus Ceja

GPA: 3.0

Clubs & Activities: Musical Theater, Thespian 7469.

Athletics: Soccer.

Honors: RSP (West Side Story), Kidstage (In The Heights).

Awards: Past and Present top 10 percentile placement at Thespys for individual events.

Educational Goals: Shoreline Community College to earn an associates degree and, possibly, University of Washington to earn a bachelor’s degree in Game Design.

Career Goals: Game Design, and performing arts.

Anything else we should know? I’m an aspiring music artist and dance choreographer.


Edmonds-Woodway High

Student Name: Anna Johnson

Mother’s Name: Christa Johnson

Father’s Name: Todd Johnson

GPA: 3.89

Clubs & Activities: I’m the secretary in the Women in History Club, a seasonal small business owner, an artist and an avid thrifter. I also babysit and practice yoga weekly.

Honors: I’m in the International Baccalaureate Program and the National Honors Society.

Community Service: I was a volunteer at a Studio Art Camp as well as College Place Elementary school’s art club.

Significant School Project: I organized a pop-up thrift shop fundraiser for families in Uncompensated Care at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Educational Goals: My goal is to attend college on the East Coast, graduate with my BA in fashion and merchandising, and then receive my master’s degree in Business Administration.

Career Goals: I would love to start my own ethical and sustainable clothing company or brand. I want to be my own boss one day!

Anything else we should know? Thank you to my amazing family and beautiful friends. I love you all so dearly, and I’m so incredibly grateful for all your endless support and encouragement. 

Also, I hope I can look back on this publication in 15 years or so, and see that I accomplished everything I dreamed:)


Student Name: Navouny D. Swanson

Mother’s Name: Julie Swanson

Clubs & Activities: I am president of the Rainbow Warriors club, work with BSU, I am a part of EAACH leadership. I paint, draw, do photography and photoshop – overall visual arts.

ASB: Me, my advisor Amy Emond, and the members of Rainbow Warriors have helped ASB to make events in the school more inclusive, like when we helped the gender situation with the homecoming court.

Athletics: Roller skating/speed skating.

Honors: I took Ms.Townsend’s IB Marine Biology class last year.

Awards: I received an honorable mention in a black/white photography competition through the school.

Community Service: I co-created an annual event called the Inclusion Alliance Summit with Amy Emond and Grace Kavanah; ecological system clean up; EAACH leadership; and I participated and helped plan countless events for the LGBTQ+ community.

Significant School Project: My last semester career PowerPoint for Ms.Karzmar’s class and Night of Expression in Amy Emond’s ASL class.

Educational Goals: I plan to go to college possibly somewhere far away from here like Berlin, Germany, the Scandanavian region or Auckland, New Zealand.

Career Goals: I hope I will make enough money to support myself, my mother and help as many people as possible hopefully in a position of high control so I can work freely.

Anything else we should know? I am always trying to grow, and be better and gain new knowledge. I was once or twice told by Amy Watkins I will be a “life long learner,” which I absolutely agree with. Also, I have a quote by Amy Emond embedded in my intellect lately that is to “own your greatness.” I love people and animals and nature over all, especially the ocean and forest. I believe in always telling the truth as much as I can. I believe in always spreading love and kindness to anyone no matter their relation to you.


Lynnwood High

Student Name: Isabeau Rosen

Mother’s Name: Michelle Rosen

Father’s Name: Andrew Rosen

GPA: 3.686

Clubs & Activities: Theater performance, costume design.

Honors: AP Computer Science, AP Calculus BC, AP Government and Politics.

Awards: Presidential Award of Academic Excellence (2014), Consistent Honor Roll since 7th Grade.

Community Service: Volunteering for Interact and YMCA Community events.

Educational Goals: University of Washington Bothell.

Career Goals: Marketing and Advertising Management.

Anything else we should know? She is thrilled to be given this honor! She is very passionate and excited about her time at LHS.


Student Name: Dora Elofson

Clubs & Activities: Co-editor of journalism, Applied Production.

Honors: AP Euro sophomore year.

Career Goal: To become a paralegal.


Meadowdale High

Student Name: Taylor Dobbins

Mother’s Name: Rachel Dobbins

Father’s Name: Lance Dobbins

GPA: 3.96

Clubs & Activities: Key Club, National Honors Society, Link Crew.

Athletics: Tennis Team.

Honors: AP classes and NHS.

Awards: Scholastic Art and Writing Gold Key award for photo.

Current Employment: Portofinos Restaurant.

Educational Goals: To earn a master’s degree.

Career Goals: Education or counseling.


Student Name: Oscar Amilcar Duran Vasquez

Mother’s Name: Ana Berta Vazquez Velasquez

Father’s Name: Pedro Amilcar

GPA: 2.693

Athletics: Soccer in my free time.

Honors: Student of the Month Awards.

Educational Goals: To attend vocational school for auto mechanics.

Career Goals: Mechanic.

Anything else we should know? Mr. Claar is a great teacher that is always willing to help me.


Mountlake Terrace High

Student Name: Maisey Knorr

Father’s Name: William G Knorr

Athletics: Soccer – first two years.

Educational Goals: To attend college and pursue whatever career I find interesting.

Anything else we should know? You’re your most important priority. Be nicer to yourselves.


Student Name: Preston Thrush

Mother’s Name: Cinnamon Thrush

Father’s Name: Kristofer Thrush

GPA: 3.8

Clubs & Activities: Robotics Business Team Member and National Honors Society Member. I’ve been in the band program for four years, and am playing in Jazz Ensemble 1.

ASB: Executive ASB Treasurer 2019-2020. For the prior three years, I was a part of class ASB

Athletics: Four year cross country athlete, two years of which were varsity; three years of soccer, including a year on the varsity squad.

Honors: I lettered in band every year, twice in cross country and once in soccer.

Community Service: I helped organize and run the canned food drive two years in a row.

Significant School Project: STEM Senior project. I am designing a filter to remove harmful chemicals from stormwater runoff that negatively affect marine life.

Current Employment: I work two jobs: McDonald’s and soccer referee in a youth training program.

Educational Goals: At a minimum, I want to earn my bachelor’s degree, and potentially pursue a master’s degree in Engineering.

Career Goals: To work at an engineering firm as either a mechanical or electrical engineer.


Project SEARCH

Student Name: Emmett Larimer

Mother’s Name: Erika Larimer

Father’s Name: Dave Larimer

Clubs & Activities: I belong to the Driftwood Players summer program.

Community Service: I am a volunteer at Swedish Edmonds Hospital.

Significant School Project: I am part of Project SEARCH.

Current Employment: I am a volunteer intern in the Hospital Gift Shop.

Future Career Goals: I would really like to be a director and help with the actors.

Anything else we should know? I really like acting and going outside with my dog. I am currently working on my own version of Beauty and the Beast. I am excited to see the final work.


Scriber Lake High

Student Name: Boanerges Bostwick

Mother’s Name: Lamecca Bostwick

GPA: 2.5

Awards: Attendance.

Community Service: Carpentry Rotary Club.

Significant School Project: Tiny homes.

Current Employment: Country Farms.

Educational Goals: To enter an apprenticeship program.

Career Goals: Produce music or enter a carpentry trade.


Student Name: Julie D’Alessandro

Mother’s Name: Eliza Baker

Father’s Name: Matthew D’Alessandro

GPA: 3.8

Clubs & Activities: Running Start, art, working out, singing, poetry.

Athletics: I love yoga, working out, running, hikes, being outdoors.

Honors: I have done many honors classes but now I’m doing Running Start.

Awards: Good attendance and work, and being hardworking.

Significant School Project: Many! A lot of my art and research projects have been featured, displayed, or used as examples.

Educational Goals: To finish my associates degree early!

Future Career Goals: I am unsure.


VOICE Transition Program

Student Name: Corwyn Rutan

Mother’s Name: Drea Talley

Father’s Name: Josh Talley

Athletics: Unified Basketball, Special Olympics Bowling, Unified Soccer.

Awards: VOICE Employee of the Month for November.

Significant School Project: TJ Maxx Internship.

Career Goals: TJ Maxx.

Anything else we should know? I am a hard worker and I do a good job.