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Edmonds School District

AMS tech students earn top state scores

Alderwood Middle School tech students earn top state scores

Members of Alderwood Middle School’s Technology Students Association (TSA) earned top scores among middle schools statewide at the Washington State Conference in March.


Students, who participated remotely because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, placed in the top five in 23 events, sometimes sweeping those events.


“Our advisers worked overtime to make sure all of their entries were successfully planned, videotaped and submitted,” principal Brian Stewart said.


Teachers Jack Seymour and Michelle Dombroski, with help from Chromebook Technician Solon Scott, guided the students who competed in the event.


Stewart said students who qualified at the state conference would have attended the National TSA Conference in late June. That event, however, has been canceled.




Computer Aided Drafting 

3rd Place – William Christianson

2nd Place – Grayden Engstrom


Career Prep 

1st place – Luke Tanghal


Children’s Stories

2nd Place – Susanna Lee, Kylie Symington, Tsu Sasai



2nd Place – Nathan Kelm, Wanhao Zhang


Cyber Security

4th Place – Spencer Jolly

3rd Place – David Polevoy 

2nd Place – Nathan Lehman


Digital Photography

4th Place – Tsu Sasai



3rd Place – Spencer Jolly 

2nd Place – Rebecca Coates 

1st Place – Conor Neely


Essays on Technology

1st Place – Luke Tanghal



4th Place – Judah Deuman


Foundations of Information Technology

4th Place – Rowan jolly

3rd Place – Arian Manshadi

2nd Place – Wyatt Kee

1st Place – Myles Beames


Junior Solar Sprint

1st Place – William Christianson, Conor Neely, Luke Tanghal, Kaleb Wendt


Leadership Strategies

1st Place – Nathan Lehman, Jane Litvinov, David Polevoy


Mass Production

2nd Place – Mustafa Ali, David Polevoy, Kaleb Wendt, Wyatt Kee


Mechanical Engineering

3rd Place – Myles Beames, Jackson Potter, Augustine Menke 

2nd Place – Mustafa Ali, Spencer Jolly, Ahmend Ghrari, Santiago Gonzalez-Corzo, and Conor Neely

1st Place – Judah Deuman, Nathan Lehman, Nicolas Vinh, Arian Manshadi


Medical Technology

3rd Place – Joanne Bassett, Tsu Sasai


Off the Grid

4th Place – Judah Deuman, Rowan Jolly, Nicolas Vinh

3rd Place – Joanne Basset, Luke Tanhhal, Spencer Jolly, William Christianson



5th Place –  Bea Gimeno, Joanne Basset, Augustine Menke, Nathan Lehman


Prepared Speech

3rd Place – Kylie Symington


Promotional Marketing

3rd Place – Bea Gimeno

2nd Place – Augustine Menke

1st Place – Santiago Gonzalez-Corzo


Stem Animation

3rd Place – Susanna Lee, Tsu Sasai, Kylie Symington


Structural Engineering

4th Place – Tsu Sasai, Luke Tanghal

3rd Place – Arian Manshadi

2nd Place – Jennifer Nguyen, Bea Gimeno

1st Place – Spencer Jolly, Conor Neely


Technology Bowl

2nd Place – Grayden Engstrom, Spencer Jolly, William Christianson


Website Design

4th Place – Rebecca Coates, Santiago Gonzalez-Corzo, Daniel Karpinksy, Jennifer Nguyen