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Edmonds School District

Teacher - National Geographic Grosvenor Teacher

Spruce Teacher Selected as National Geographic Grosvenor Teacher Fellow

Posted on 04/16/2019


Jennie Warmouth, second grade teacher at Spruce Elementary, has been selected as a 2019 National Geographic Grosvenor Teacher Fellow.

Jennie spent Spring Break at the National Geographic headquarters, where she spent five days in professional development – focused on curricular design, photography, videography, and public speaking training.


Jennie will depart June 2 for an expedition to Arctic Svalbard where she will join an expedition team of naturalists, National Geographic photographers, underwater experts, and biologists to learn about the polar region. She will bring her experience back to the District and the community in order to both design NGSS aligned curricula, and inspire the next generation of Explorers through meaningful, problem-based learning. Jennie will remain in a two-year contract with National Geographic to design curricula, provide educational deliverables, and to demonstrate educational leadership (while still teaching in the District).