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Edmonds School District

November High School Students of the Month

November High School Students of the Month

Posted on 11/27/2018

Edmonds eLearning Academy

Student Name: Victoria Carefoot
Mother’s Name: Barb Carefoot
Father’s Name: Mark Carefoot
Interests: Reading, writing, sleeping, learning about space and stars.
Community Service: Fostering kittens.
Future Education Goals: To graduate.
Future Career Goals: To be an author or forensic scientist or even an astronomer.
Anything else you want us to know? I have read over 70 books this year.

Edmonds Heights K-12

Student Name: Allison Farley
Mother’s Name: Pat Farley
Father’s Name: Scott Farley
GPA: 3.94
Clubs & Activities: Singing, guitar, and guitar building. I am on student leadership at Westgate Chapel. I am also involved with leading worship and leading middle school groups at Westgate.
Honors: For the last three quarters at Edmonds Community College I have been on the Dean’s list.
Awards: National Association of Teachers of Singers (NATS) competition, received 3rd place in classical.
Current Employment: Barista.
Future Educational Goals: I plan to attend a four-year Bible college. I am interested in studying youth ministry.

Student Name: Hadham Benkhalaf
Mother’s Name: Nada Bashir
Father’s Name: Salah Benkhalaf
Community Service: I volunteered at an Islamic school.
Future Educational Goals: To graduate with a biochemistry degree.
Future Career Goals: To run my own business.

Edmonds-Woodway High

Student Name: Edlawte Sentayehu
Mother’s Name: Tayche Gebresedike
Father’s Name: Yetagesu Sentayehu
GPA: 3.6
Clubs & Activities: Friends of Hudad vice president, Edmonds School District Student Board Advisory, participated in the Edmonds School District Leadership Committee (EAACH), Swedish Edmonds Information Desk volunteer, CPM math tutor, and EWHS library TA.
Athletics: I was in varsity cross country and track and field 9th and 10th grade.
Honors: National Honors Society.
Awards: Last month I was nominated for an award and scholarship for having the highest volunteering hours in the school.
Community Service: I have over 570 community service hours.
Significant School Project: I am working on my AA at Edmonds Community College before I graduate from high school. The biggest school project that I am doing right now is talking to students that are younger than me to stay in school and work toward their goal. I was able to motivate a few students and help them to be a good student.
Current Employment: McDonald’s
Future Educational Goals: I plan to attend University of Washington or Washington State University in Fall 2019.
Future Career Goals: Computer Engineering.
Anything else we should know? I am a hard-working, motivated, responsible, enthusiastic person. I am curious and focused. I love to learn and volunteer anywhere I can. I am an athlete and have won awards for my running skills. I moved to the USA in sixth grade and knew zero English, and now I am fluent and attend college in high school. I plan to graduate in June from high school with approximately 80 college credits. I am currently applying to multiple colleges in the Seattle area. I will be the first person in my family to attend college.

Student Name: Joshua Nelson
Mother’s Name: Lisa Monke
Father’s Name: Michael Nelson
GPA: 3.52
Clubs & Activities: Jazz Ensemble 1, drum major for the pep band.
Athletics: Boys Varsity Golf.
Awards: Outstanding Musicianship Award at the Northshore Jazz Festival.
Community Service: I tutor the trombone players at Westgate Elementary.
Current Employment: Nile Shrine Golf Course.
Future Educational Goals: To earn a bachelor’s degree in Virtual Technology and Design at The University of Idaho.
Future Career Goals: To become a visual effects artist in the film industry.

Lynnwood High

Student Name: Grace Silcox
Mother’s Name: Geri Gottlieb
Father’s Name: Greg Silcox
Clubs & Activities: ASB, Link Crew, Tri-M, Orchestra, ASL club.
Honors: Honor roll.
Awards: CTE Leadership award for American Sign Language.
Future Educational Goals: To major in film production at a four-year university outside of Washington State.
Future Career Goals: To become a film director.

Student Name: Kai Decker
Mother’s Name: Sara Decker
Father’s Name: Patrick Decker
GPA: 3.99
Clubs & Activities: Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble.
Athletics: Cross Country, Track and Field.
Honors: State Solo and Ensemble Festival Participant, All-Northwest Concert Band Trumpet, Lead Trumpet in LHS Jazz One, Church Youth Leader.
Awards: Honor Roll, Instrumentalist Magazine Merit Award, Instrumentalist Magazine Musicianship Award.
Community Service: Church volunteer groups, TRI-M.
Future Educational Goals: Four-year university, hoping to get a master’s degree in Computer Science/Digital Crime.
Future Career Goals: Digital Crime Analyst.

Meadowdale High

Student Name: Jessica Reyes
Mother’s Name: Zoila Rosales
GPA: 3.5
Clubs & Activities: I am currently President of Latinx Student Union (LSU). I was Vice President last year. I also am a peer mentor, so I tutor and help kids who don’t speak Spanish in their Algebra class here at Meadowdale. This year I also will be completing my second year as a Link Leader. I am also part of the Police Explorers program for the Lynnwood Police Department.
Athletics: I played soccer for the past two years but decided not to do it this year because I started working at my first job.
Honors: I am currently taking Honors Pre-Calculus.
Awards: In my sophomore year, I was student of the quarter for my geometry class.
Community Service: I do community service through LSU, peer mentoring and am in the Police Explorers program.
Significant School Project: Through LSU, I have been able to organize Multicultural Night, where students can perform, showcase their culture and be proud of where they come from. I also had the chance to organize the Latinx Graduation where parents can come and hear the whole graduation ceremony in their native language so that they can understand everything and be most comfortable. That’s some of our bigger projects that we organize but we also organize other fundraisers such as Coco Movie night.
Current Employment: I am currently a cashier at Heaven Sent Fried chicken. I work part time in the afternoons.
Future Educational Goals: I will be a first generation college student, so my goal is to go to a four-year university.
Future Career Goals: I really like to work with other people, so my future career goal is to become a police officer.
Anything else we should know? I am a first generation college student, so I am just simply trying my best. I want every student to know that if they ever need help with anything that they can come to me and I will try to help them to the best of my abilities.

Student Name: Ricky Canziani
Mother’s Name: Babes Canziani
Father’s Name: John Canziani
GPA: 3.39
Clubs & Activities: Key Club (Treasurer), FCCLA, LSU, Link Crew, Drama, and Peer mentoring, Tutoring.
Athletics: Tennis and bowling – outside of school hours.
Honors: Homecoming Royalty.
Awards: Student of the Quarter and Month as a freshman and sophomore; Link Leader of the Month; Most Outstanding Member; Presidential Award.
Community Service: Serving the homeless; feeding program in church; tutoring after school. I’m also doing online tutoring outside of school; Key Club community service, and serving at a retirement home.
Future Educational Goals: To graduate from Central Washington University and get a good job.
Future Career Goals: Computer science and design; also to work as a photojournalist.

Mountlake Terrace High

Student Name: Xochitl Gonzalez Estrada
Mother’s Name: Erica Estrada
Father’s Name: Juan Gonzalez
GPA: 2.28
Clubs & Activities: Latino Student Union and Movie Club.
Community Service: I volunteer my morning free periods to help out in Jose Aguiniga’s relationships class.
Significant School Project: In my Jewelry and Metal Design class, I designed gold plated earrings for my mom. It took me about two weeks but the outcome was my favorite part because she loves them and wears them all the time.
Future Educational Goals: In the future I aspire to have a successful college experience and freedom of creativity to share my knowledge to anyone who strives for a higher consciousness.
Future Career Goals: My future career goal is to have the confidence and courage to take risks, that allow me to figure out what I am passionate about and what reflects my ethics and values in life, and that allow me to live a creative and eventful lifestyle.

Student Name: Andy Shaw
Mother’s Name: Bonnie Wong
Father’s Name: Jim Shaw
GPA: 3.99
Clubs & Activities: ASB President, Key Club, Boys Tennis, DECA Public Relations, TSA, NHS, LINK/CONNECT, Hiking Club, Girls Tennis Manager.
ASB: Executive President
Athletics: Boys Tennis.
Honors: TSA On Demand Video 1st and 4th place, DECA 5th place Business Marketing and DECA 4th place Travel and Tourism Team Decision Making, Homecoming King, Boys Tennis Most Improved 2017.
Awards: Red Hippo Award 2017 and 2018, Key Club member of the month, Most Improved Tennis Player.
Community Service: Food Drive organizer, Toiletry drive, Hilltop Carnival, Key Club.
Significant School Project: Organizer of Terrace November 2018 Food Drive. STEM English hover train. Terrace 2018 Lip Dub.
Future Educational Goals: Aeronautical Engineer or Chemistry Major at UW.
Future Career Goals: To work for Boeing!
Anything else we should know? I like making people laugh and being a leader for other students.

Project SEARCH

Student Name: Andrew Hong
Mother’s Name: Hyekyung Kim
Father’s Name: Sungwook Hong
Clubs & Activities: Basketball.
Community Service: Swedish Edmonds Hospital Volunteer in security.
Significant School Project: Project Search.
Future Career Goals: Someday I want to have a paid job in security for Swedish Edmonds Hospital.
Anything else we should know? I am happy. I enjoy helping patients on wheelchairs.

Scriber Lake High

Student Name: Megan McLeod
Mother’s Name: Krystal Callahan
Father’s Name: Ricky McLeod
Current Employment: Waitress At Denny’s.

VOICE Transition Program

Student Name: Brandon Mason
Mother’s Name: Teresa Mason
Father’s Name: Andrew Mason
Athletics: Unified Basketball and Unified Soccer.
Significant School Project: Mod Pizza Vocational Site.
Future Educational Goals: Brandon would like to work at a restaurant one day.
Anything else we should know? Brandon is extremely responsible and thoughtful.