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Edmonds School District

Jump Start

Jump Start

Posted on 08/07/2018

Jump Start

Jump Start will be taking place:

 AUGUST 20 - 23, 2018

9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

All Elementary Schools


Jump Start is a 4 day, pre-kindergarten transitional program offered to students entering kindergarten in September. There is no charge for this program, and it is open to all registered kindergarten students. All Edmonds elementary schools will be offering Jump Start for the 2018 - 2019 school year.


The focus of the program is to prepare your child for success in kindergarten - familiarizing your child with the school environment, the kindergarten teachers, and the daily schedule. Children will be involved in typical kindergarten classroom activities, tour the school campus, and experience outdoor play just like they will at recess. This fun, positive experience helps our kindergarten students become familiar with school before school begins. It supports students and families for a positive transition into kindergarten.


Students attend Jump Start without their parents. They will be involved in a variety of kindergarten activities, including art, music, handwriting, math, story time, and outdoor play. Students MUST BE REGISTERED for school before Jump Start begins in order to participate. Transportation is not provided during Jump Start. Parents will be advised to attend a parent orientation on one day during Jump Start (check with your school for date and time).


For more information please contact the school in which your child is registered.