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Edmonds School District

April High School Students of the Month

April High School Students of the Month

Posted on 05/21/2019

Edmonds eLearning Academy
Student Name: Branson Stevenson
Mother’s Name: Jessica Stevenson
Father’s Name: Donald Ray
Interests: I like to go hiking
Education Goals: To go to college
Career Goals: To be an underwater ocean rodeo clown.
Anything else you want us to know? I like learning about history

Student Name: Yve Ho
Mother’s Name: Karen Law
Father's Name: John Ho
Interests: I like to draw and skate.
Community Service/Work: I help my parents with childcare both in the nursery and from pre-K to 5th grade. I’ve also been head the snack station at my church's vbs for the past two years.
Education Goals: SAIC (currently)
Career Goals: Art director or tattoo artist

Edmonds Heights K-12
Student Name: Nadine Waggoner
Mother’s Name: Sarah Waggoner
Father’s Name: David Waggoner
GPA: 3.96
Clubs & Activities: Youth Volunteer Seattle Aquarium
Educational Goals: To attend the Western State University honors program next fall.

Student Name: Bryce Hall

Edmonds Woodway High
Student Name: Emma Wansley
Mothe’s Name: Kate Wansley
GPA: 3.7
Clubs & Activities: I am the founder and president of Acts of Kindness club
ASB: I am also the ASB Executive Historian
Athletics: I am a member of our Varsity Cheer squad
Honors: I am a part of National Honors Society
Current Employment: Babysitting
Future Educational Goals: Next year I will be attending Western Washington University.
Future Career Goals: I hope to one day work as a clinical psychologist, or at least do something with psychology.
Anything else we should know? I just want to thank my mom for all that she does so that I can be so involved.

Student Name: Nathan Templeman
Mother’s Name: Denise Templeman
Father’s Name: Dan Templeman
GPA: 3.27
Clubs & Activities: Deaf Academic Bowl and Rainbow Warriors
Honors: In IB History of Americas, IB English, and Pre-Calculus Honors.
Awards: Two time All Star medalist and two time sportsmanship awards in Deaf Academic Bowl.
Future Educational Goals: Enroll in a four-year university and partake in the honors program. I’ll probably go to a graduate school to earn a Master’s Degree in Architecture.
Future Career Goals: To pursue a career as an architect.
Anything else we should know? For the first two years in high school, I was nervous to try out for the Deaf Academic Bowl team. Finally, as a Junior, I decided to join the team. I got to meet people from all over the country which is a thrilling experience. I won two All Star medals and that increased my confidence as an individual and a student. I felt more confident to enroll in more IB classes to challenge myself. It’s okay to be afraid to try something new, but the fear shouldn’t be the reason not to because you never know: It might be a life-changing experience.

Lynnwood High School
Student Name: Tharu Lansakaranayake
Mother’s Name: Chamila Gunathilake
Father’s Name: Sanjaya Lansakaranayake
GPA: 3.942
Clubs & Activities: Interact club
Athletics: Swim team during freshman year (JV) and sophomore year (promoted to varsity) of high school in Houston, Texas.
Honors: High Honor Roll
Awards: Recognized for having a 4.0 GPA for 1st semester of Senior Year
Invited to awards night (for having GPA of 3.7 or higher) junior year.
Community Service: Days for Girls
Significant School Project: Biotech project on de-extinction.
Educational Goals: Attend a four-year university and major in biology. From there either attend medical school and then complete residency, or attend graduate school and study cellular and molecular biology.
Career Goals: To work as a family physician or cellular and molecular biologist. Whichever career I choose, my overall goal is make a positive difference in the world.
Anything else we should know? I published a book called “Soul Dust” which is available on Amazon as an eBook. I love pottery/clay art and writing (fictional stories and poetry).
I went to two different high schools. Freshman and Sophomore year I went to Summer Creek High School in Houston, Texas. Then I moved to Washington and attended Lynnwood High School for my junior and senior years. It was tough being a new kid for the sixth time, especially as a junior, but I don’t regret moving. I am very thankful to Lynnwood High School teachers, who show priceless support and encouragement that has enabled me to succeed.

Student Name: Hector Jeronimo
Mother’s Name: Eva Romero
Father’s Name: Jose Jeronimo
GPA: 2.3
Athletics: Soccer
Educational Goals: To attend Martin’s University
Career Goals: To work as a computer scientist
Anything else we should know? I love tacos

Meadowdale High School
Student Name: Victoria (Tori) Martinson
Mother’s Name: LeAnne Martinson
Father’s Name: Matt Martinson
GPA: 3.8
Clubs & Activities: I am heavily involved in the theatre program here and I am part of the international thespian society. I am also involved in L.I.N.K and national honors society.
Athletics: I was on the swim team freshman year.
Community Service: I volunteer at my church.
Educational Goals: I am going to be attending Northern Arizona University to major in Theatre.
Career Goals: I want to be a stage manager or stage hand.

Student Name: Nolan Eskew

Mountlake Terrace High School
Student Name: Teresa Bonilla
Mother’s Name: Annel Zuñiga
Father’s Name: Javier Bonilla
GPA: 3.848
Clubs & Activities: TEMPO Yearbook, Jazz Band 1
Honors: AAUW recognition for excellence in Science for Mountlake Terrace
Awards: Outstanding Chemistry 1st Place CRSEF, Second Place Chemistry Category CRSEF, 1st place Chemistry WSSEF, US Army Excellence in Physical Science 1st place, Wolfram Mathematica and Alpha Pro Award
Significant School Project: For my English STEM 12 project I worked with Dominique Pittman-Kidd and Reiden Chea to create C16-SiO2. C16-SiO2 is a polyethylene like plastic that we developed. We tested this plastics biodegradation and the results supported our hypothesis that our plastics biodegradation rate was faster than that of standard high density polyethylene. We were able to do all this with the help of our mentor Christine Luscombe from the UW. In addition, Sophomore year I completed a project where I compared the genome of the fruit fly and humans. I did this by completing a DNA extraction from a fruit fly and myself at Shoreline CC. Then I used a computer program to analyze the differences and similarities. The goal of this project was to show how similar model organisms really were to humans in order to explain why we use model organisms for testing.
Current Employment: I am a cashier at Fred Meyer.
Future Educational Goals: I will be attending UW in the fall where I hope to earn a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience. I hope to earn a doctorate in a Neuroscience as well as Cellular microbiology.
Career Goals: I hope to take part in internships throughout college and eventually pursue a career in neuroscience research.

Student Name: Zoey Wilson
Mother’s name: Angie Wilson
Father’s name: Dave Wilson
GPA: 3.8
Clubs & Activities: women’s fitness club, key club, eco club, honor society
Athletics: Varsity softball team, first base
Honors: Honors in chemistry
Community Service: Volunteering for two years at Brier Terrace Middle School as an assistant coach for the girls soccer team.
Current Employment: Cascade Elite Gymnastics
Educational Goals: To earn a degree in Environmental Business
Career Goals: To help other businesses go green and eco friendly

Scriber Lake High School
Student Name: Katherine Edwards
Mother’s Name: Stephanie Edwards
Father’s Name: Seth Edwards
GPA: 2.9
Clubs & Activities: Martial Arts
Athletics: Martial arts
Awards: Instructor of the Year
Community Service: Seattle Torchlight Parade
Educational Goals: To become a martial arts instructor
Career Goals: To open my own martial arts school.
Anything else we should know? I have been doing taekwondo for 10 years now.

Student Name: Ryan Olsen
Mother’s Name: Connie Janacek
Father’s Name: Eric Olsen
GPA: 2.5
Awards: Attendance, Outstanding English Award,
Community Service: Teachers assistant, Leadership and announcements
Significant School Project: Leadership, mini courses, personal finance
Educational Goals: My future goals are to graduate from high school and enter The Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center
Career Goals: Work at Boeing in aerospace design and manufacturing
Anything else we should know? I enjoy video games and swimming!

Voice Transition Program
Student Name: Raven Stamey
Mother’s Name: Margaret Seward
Clubs & Activities: Enjoys coloring and art and joking with friends.
Significant School Project: Raven has worked at Edmonds Education Association, Harbour Square, and Chase Lake Elementary kitchen.
Current Employment: McDonald’s restaurant internship