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Edmonds School District

Thank You City of Edmonds Diversity Commission

Thank You City of Edmonds Diversity Commission

Posted on 02/09/2018

In an effort to support the District’s mission to provide a more equitable and diverse curriculum for its students, the City of Edmonds Diversity Commission donated children’s books to 10 elementary schools. The books focus on themes of diversity, equity, and inclusion and are intended to be available as resources for teachers, librarians, and students to help inform, engage, and encourage discussion.

“We hope these books will be a valuable and cherished resource for both students and teachers,” said City of Edmonds Diversity Commission Member Anabel Hovig

Books vetted by the commission and accepted by the District, include: “Why am I Me?”; “You Hold Me Up”; “A Different Pond”; “I Got the Rhythm”; and “We're All Wonders.”

Each of the following elementary and K-8 schools received a set: Sherwood, Westgate, Madrona K-8, Chase Lake Community, Edmonds, Seaview, Maplewood K-8, College Place, Meadowdale and

Edmonds Heights.

Edmonds Diversity Commissioners Anabel Hovig and Diana White, who is also an Edmonds School District Board Member, meet with Westgate Elementary students Seaya Wang, Kashyap Mistry, Anisa Shipley and Simon Thornton.