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Edmonds School District

High School Summer Take Home Program

High School Summer Take Home Program

Posted on 05/31/2018

All high school students, grade 9-11, are eligible to keep their Chromebooks over the summer. A form is required, ask your school for details.

جميع طلاب المدارس الثانوية من الصف التاسع الي الصف الحادي عشر مؤهلون لاحتفاظ بجهاز الكمبيوتر او الكروم بوك الخاصة بهم خلال الفترة الصيفية .مطلوب نموذج اطلبه من المدرسة للحصول علي كل التفاصيل .

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모든 9-11학년고등학생들은여름동안크롬북을보유할있습니다신청서가필요하니자세한사항은학교에문의하십시요.

Все ученики старшей школы в 9-11 классах, могут оставлять свой Хромбук дома на лето. Для этого необходимо заполнить нужные бумаги, обратитесь в школу за подробностями.

Todos los estudiantes de preparatoria, grados 9 al 11, podrán quedarse con sus Chromebooks durante las vacaciones de verano. Pidan más información en sus escuelas sobre el formulario que es necesario llenar.

Tất cả học sinh trung học cấp lớp 9-11 đều có thể giữ Chromebook của mình trong mùa hè. Bắt buộc phải nộp một mẫu đơn, hỏi trường của bạn để biết chi tiết.


In an effort to create more access for our students over the summer months we developed the High School Summer Take Home Program. This program grants current students, grades 9-11, the opportunity to keep their District provided Chromebooks throughout the summer instead of returning them at the end of the school year. Students will have their assigned Chromebooks through exams, EOCs, and end-of-year projects. It will also allow them to have their Chromebooks over the summer for summer school, virtual classes, SAT/ACT prep, summer reading assignments, etc. and be ready to begin using them on the first day of classes in the fall.


Here is some basic information about our summer take-home program

  • Graduating Seniors are NOT eligible to participate in the summer take-home program. All Senior Chromebooks must be returned to graduate.
  • Incoming Freshman (current 8th graders) are NOT eligible for this program.
  • Students withdrawing or transferring schools at the end of this term will need to turn in their devices and chargers on the return date(s) designated by their school.
  • If a student transfers (even to another Edmonds School District school) or withdraws prior the beginning of the current school year, he/she is responsible for returning their Edmonds School District issued Chromebook and charger.
  • Underclassmen students still have the opportunity to turn in Chromebooks for repair If the device needs any major repairs or those not working at all. These repairs will need to be submitted so the Chromebook is ready to take home at the end of the school year.
    • See your schools Para-Tech for additional information and deadlines.
  • Your Protection Plan payment covers incidents of accidental damage from the first day of summer vacation until the last day of the 2018-2019 school year. You may check with your schools registrar, to see if the Chromebook Damage Loss Program has been paid for this school year. If it has not been paid, please pay this prior to the end of the year. Chromebooks submitted for repair without prior Protection Plan payment will be assessed the full cost of repair.
    • See the Chromebook Damage Loss program details for pricing and deductibles.

SUMMER STUDENT SUPPORT: Student Chromebook tech support will be provided Monday – Friday (excluding holidays) from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM at the following location: Edmonds School District, Technology Department, 20420 68th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036. Call the following number for telephone support and/or to schedule an on-site appointment (425) 431-1211.

SUMMER CHROMEBOOK RETURN: If, due to an unforeseen circumstances, you need to return the student Chromebook, please return it to the Student Chromebook tech support office at the following location: Edmonds School District, Technology Department, 20420 68th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036. Call the following number to schedule an on-site appointment (425) 431-1211. If your student leaves the district and does not return the Chromebook it will be reported as stolen.