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Edmonds School District

April 2018 Students of the Month

April 2018 Students of the Month

Posted on 05/11/2018

Each month, our high school programs select students to be recognized for their accomplishments and achievements. The photos, names and information about each of the March students are included below.


Edmonds eLearning Academy

Student Name: Kiana Yesiki

Mother’s Name: Miranda Yesiki

Father’s Name: Keies Yesiki

Interests: I love playing basketball and spending time with my family

Community Service/Work: I help coach at the YMCA with girls basketball and I help out with babysitting other kids with people I know

Future Education Goals: I am going to a prep school next year and I hopefully will be able to go to my dream school Stanford

Future Career Goals: I want to be in the WNBA


Edmonds Heights K-12

Student’s name: Angelique Caitlyn Fox Sander

Mother’s name: Adrienne Sander

Father’s name: Martin Sander

Clubs & activities: Writing

Awards: Students of the Month

Community service: The school office and library

Significant School Project: A research report on the history of Barbie

Future Educational Goals: Bachelor’s degree

Future Career Goals: O.S.H.A. inspector

Anything else we should know? Things don’t happen for a reason, they happen BECAUSE of reasons. We all live in this massive domino effect of a universe and should really be kinder to one another, because that’s one of the only things we have control over. You taking a hot shower isn’t why global warming is a thing; big companies dumping their trash wherever they please is. I also play Dungeons & Dragons, so if you wanna play, I’m probably up for it. Pizza is pretty rad. I’ve also got these two jerk cats named Sue and Patches. Stay frosty.


Student Name: Kersey Stratton

Mother’s name: Rebeccah Stratton

Father’s name: Larry Stratton

Community Service: Scouting and Church Youth Activities

Significant School Project: Game Design Team

Future Educational Goals: BA in Game Design at Digipen Institute of Technology

Future Career Goals: Game Designer and Graphic Novelist

Anything else we should know? I’m a huge anime/manga fan.


Edmonds-Woodway High

Student’s name: Marley Redford

Father’s name: Matthew Redford

GPA: 3.28

Clubs & Activities: Clubs I’m in are Rainbow Warriors, for which I’ve been an officer for three years, ASL Club the past two years, and Black Student Union. Other things I’m involved in are Link Crew, Diversity Coalition, Equity Team, and EAACH at the school district office.

Honors: I’m in ASL 3&4, which is an honors class.

Awards: Rotary Youth Challenge Award presented an award last year to Rainbow Warriors.

Community Service: I’ve been volunteering at Lambert House, an LQBTQ+ youth center. This year and two years ago, I and other people in Rainbow Warriors went and made them dinner.

Significant School Project: I’ve helped out with Spooky Street and the ASL Carnival every year since my freshman year. My freshman year I helped make the slideshow about the transgender policy that was then presented to all of staff here. This school year I’ve also been involved in the Transgender Policy Video, and the BSU Black History Presentation.

Future Educational Goals: I will go to Edmonds Community for two years, then after that I’ll transfer to Western Oregon to get my bachelors in teaching.

Future Career Goals: This summer I will become a Support Service Provider (SSP) for the Deaf & Blind, and after that I want to become a teacher for Deaf students.

Anything else we should know? I’ve been devoted to making my school a more equal and safe space since I got here, and I think I have truly helped in accomplishing that.


Student’s name: Riley Beck

Mother’s name: Shawn Beck

Father’s name: Eric Beck

GPA: 3.024

Clubs & Activities: Black Student Union, I’m an officer on American Sign Language Club and Rainbow Warriors. Also part of the Deaf Academic Bowl. I have been going to the Diversity Coalition meetings and Equity meetings at our school. I’ve been going to the Culturally Responsive Teaching book study at the district.

Honors: American Sign Language 4

Awards: DAB team was given the sportsmanship award.

Community Service: Served food at Lambert House (LGBTQ Youth Center)

Significant School Project: I have been helping prepare the ASL Carnival all four years and was recently in a BSU Black History Presentation.

Future Educational Goals: I’m planning on going to Gallaudet University and focusing on my creative writing.

Future Career Goals: I’m hoping to become a writer and a counselor.


Lynnwood High

Student’s name: Katie Glasser

Mother’s name: Staci Glasser

Father’s name: Rob Glasser

GPA: 3.67

Clubs & Activities: Drama, school musical, news editor for the Royal Gazette, tech design for Royal Act Theater productions, link crew, helping organize a voter registration event with Washington’s League of Women Voters.

Athletics: JV soccer (10th grade) club volleyball (9th grade)

Honors: Honor Roll

Awards: AP Scholar award

Community Service: ASL Honors Society event to raise money for a summer camp for deaf children – as a freshman.

Current Employment: Columbia Athletic Club lifeguard and program employee

Future Educational Goals: To attend Sarah Lawrence College for my bachelor’s degree

Future Career Goals: I’m still undecided but major interests of mine are acting, writing, and politics. I hope to find a career that involves some combination of these.

Anything else we should know? Come see me and the rest of Lynnwood’s very talented drama kids in our production of the Three Musketeers on June 7th-9th!


Student’s name: Brooke Thompson

Mother’s name: Carol Thompson

Father’s name: Kirk Thompson

GPA: 3.97

Clubs & Activities: I have participated in varsity and competitive cheerleading for the past three years, where I was Head Captain during the 2017-2018 season. I also am Features Editor on the school newspaper staff and a Fashion Ambassador for Nordstrom.

Athletics: My cheerleading squad has competed at the State Championships the past three years. I have practice multiple times a week, and cheer at football, basketball, wrestling, and assemblies.

Honors: I have taken and am currently taking many Honors and AP Classes. Some of these courses include AP US History, AP Calculus AB and BC, AP Literature and Composition, AP Environmental Science, and Advanced Journalism. As well as these classes, I’ve also gained many college credits through Edmonds Community College.

Future Educational Goals: I will be attending Boise State University in the fall, and plan to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing or advertising.


Meadowdale High

Student Name: Will Schafer

Mother’s name: Mary Jo Schafer

Father’s name: Scott Schafer

GPA: 4.0

Clubs & Activities: Link, Hi-Q, Chess Club

Athletics: Football, basketball and baseball all four years

Honors: Athlete of the Month, October, 2017; King5TV Athlete of the Week, November 2016; and Homecoming Royalty in 2017.

Awards: All-Wesco football, 2016-17; All-Wesco baseball, 2016; STEM Student of the Month, October 2016

Community Service: Tutoring, volunteering with local Boy Scouts troop

Future Educational Goals: To attend California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, to study mechanical engineering.

Future Career Goals: To be a mechanical engineer for a company and make machines work more efficiently and more effectively.

Anything else we should know? I love being a maverick!


Student Name: Matthew Vo

Mother’s name: Hop Vo

Father’s name: Cuong Vo

GPA: 4.0

Clubs & Activities: National Honors Society, president; Jazz Band 1 guitarist,
Vocal Jazz 1 guitarist, Wind Ensemble/Pep Band bassist

Honors: Washington All-State Jazz Band Guitarist 2018; All-Northwest Jazz Choir Guitarist 2018; Music Student of the Month Sept of 2017

Awards: Bronze Presidential Service Award  in 2016-17; Gold Presidential Service Award 2017-18; various solo awards at different music festivals for Jazz Band/Vocal Jazz

Community Service: Over 400 Hours of Service – Swedish-Edmonds Hospital; Organizing Music/Helping Jazz II on occasion; Church VBS; Sno-Isle Library; Peer-Led Tutoring at Meadowdale High

Significant School Project: I’m not sure if this counts as a school project, but one significant thing that I’ve worked on at the beginning of this year was working with Ms. Nakata and the Math department to get more students into the peer-led Hazel Miller tutoring through a series of ways (project was inspired through my time in National Honors Society)

Future Educational Goals: I hope to continue in maintaining my grades while simultaneously doing many other activities that bring passion to my life.

Future Career Goals: My career goal is to become a Pediatric Doctor (potentially specializing in pulmonology)

Anything else we should know? Thank you for this honor!


Mountlake Terrace High

Student’s name: Paul Pratt

Mother’s name: Jeanette Pratt

Father’s name: Walter Pratt

GPA: 2.78

Clubs & Activities: Drama

Athletics: Freshman Year

Honors: Freshman and Sophomore years

Awards: Student of the Month in November, April

Community Service: Clothes for kids, Habitat for Humanity

Significant School Project: Daily Announcements

Current Employment: Edmonds School District, Old Spaghetti Factory

Future Educational Goals: Public speaking, community college, then transfer to four-year university

Future Career Goals: Public speaking role; radio, television, etc.

Anything else we should know? I do poetry as well. I’m quite good.


Scriber Lake High

Student Name: Jose Jesus Mora Duarte

Mother’s name: Marybell Duarte

Father’s name: Filiberto Mora

Awards: Catch up history award

Current Employment: Top Quality Corporation Services

Future Educational Goals: Autocad programming at Edmonds Community College

Future Career Goals: To work as an autocad programer

Anything else we should know? I am the first in my family to graduate high school and get a diploma instead of General Education Development (GED).


Student Name: Monilyn Winston
Mother’s name: Deb Good
Father’s name: Ty Winston
GPA: 2.493
Clubs & Activities: Occasionally social justice, or rainbow lake (LGBT)
Awards: Award of Excellence from Biology, and two awards of excellence in language arts last year.
Significant School Project: Different CBL’s like calligraphy and P.E. throughout the school year
Current Employment: Unemployed, but seeking employment.
Future Educational Goals: To attend Edmonds Community College and Evergreen State College, studying psychology, and  social & human services.
Future Career Goals: Counselor, trauma therapist.