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Edmonds School District


Zoom is the video conferencing app that teachers will use to hold connection time or meetings with the whole class or small groups. Use the table of contents on the left hand side to find Zoom resources for your students. 

Students who have not joined a Zoom meeting in 2022 will find that joining a meeting is slightly different. 

If you have questions or need support, please start by reviewing this document: Joining Zoom meetings with the Zoom Progressive Web App

Updating Chrome will also update the Zoom app and ensure things work smoothly! Please click the button below for support on accessing Zoom meetings! 

Zoom Troubleshooting

PreK through 2nd grade students will have access to Zoom meetings through Seesaw

In Seesaw, the pinned Journal post on the top left side contains the class Zoom link.

3rd through 6th grade students will have access to Zoom meetings through Canvas

The Canvas course homepage will have a Zoom meeting link.  This may appear as a text link.

Or the Zoom meeting may be linked from a Zoom icon.

Video: Joining a Secondary Zoom Meeting on Canvas (~3min)

7th through 12th grade students will have access to Zoom meetings through Canvas

Watch the video to the left to see how to access Zoom meetings in Canvas and about some basic features such as muting/unmuting and turning on and off video.

Video: Authenticating Your Zoom Account (~4min)

If teachers are setting authentications on their Zoom meetings, you will need to authenticate your Zoom account. Please watch the video the left for directions! 

If you continue to have trouble joining zoom meetings, please complete the troubleshooting steps listed here. 

Video: How to Switch between Zoom and Chrome on a Chromebook(~2min)

"How-To" Tutorials for Online Platforms / Tutoriales de plataformas online

Tutorials in Spanish

Cómo usar Zoom para la escuela

Tutorials in English

5 Things Parents Should Know About Zoom

Step 1: Enter one of the US phone numbers in the Zoom invite 

  • If you are using a landline, long distance rates would apply 
  • You can chose the location that best matches your location

Step 2: You will be prompted to enter the Meeting ID number

Step 3: You will then be prompted to enter the Meeting Password

Step 4: You will be connected to the Zoom call via audio. 

Please follow the directions on the Google Doc to the right to learn how to add your Zoom profile picture to your account and then have that picture follow you to each of your meetings! 

Note: This is not as straight forward as we would like. We are working with the tech department to make this process more streamlined.