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Edmonds School District


Seesaw is the Learning Management System (LMS) for Pre-K through 2nd grade students in the Edmonds School District. Seesaw is the "home base" where teachers share assignments, information, links to meetings, and other forms of communication with students and their families.

Accessing Seesaw

Video: Accessing Seesaw (~1min)

To access Seesaw

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Click on the Edmonds Bookmarks Folder and select Clever OR type into the address bar
  • Enter your username and password (provided by your teacher) or scan your Clever badge
  • Locate the Seesaw tile and click it

Navigating Seesaw

Video: Navigating Seesaw (~3min)

Switch between Seesaw classes

Students can switch their other Seesaw classes.

  1. Click on the username in the top left corner to reveal list of other classes
  2. Click on the name of another class to switch to it

Navigate Seesaw's features

To learn how to use some of the features in Seesaw and where to find assignments from your child's teacher, please watch the video to the left.

Accessing Zoom Meetings in Seesaw

Video: PK-2 Zoom Access and Features (~4min)

PreK through 2nd Grade students will access Zoom meetings through Seesaw

Watch the short video to the left to see how to access the Zoom meeting links and some basic features in Zoom.

Split the Screen to see both Zoom and Seesaw (or other websites)

Video: Chromebooks - Split your Screen with a Snap (~2min)

Split Your Screen with a Snap

See how to split your Chromebook screen by clicking and dragging.

Video: Chromebooks - Split your Screen with a Shortcut (~3min)

Split Your Screen with a Shortcut

See how to split your Chromebook screen with a nifty keyboard shortcut.

Access student work from Journal Archives

  1. While signed into Seesaw, click your profile icon in the top left corner
  2. Select Account Settings

 3. Scroll down to the Journal Archives heading and click on Download Journal Archives 

4. Click the Download Journal button for the journal you want to download. This might take a while depending on your Internet speed and how many posts your child has in Seesaw.