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Edmonds School District

Creation Tools and Tech

Below are resources that students and families can use for creating their own content about topics of their choice.  

We encourage parents and guardians to read the terms and privacy policies before creating a new account for online resources. 


WeVideo is a district sponsored, web-based tool available to students  for creating and editing videos & podcasts. 

WeVideo Reference Guide: Information on how to create your own WeVideo from start to finish! 

Grade(s): 2-12

Google Docs

Word processing program. Write a story, journal, or more.  

Grade(s): 2-12

Canvas App

Create your own designs and express yourself with natural brushes and hand-picked colors. Sign in with district Google Account.   

Grade(s): K-12

Google Slides

Slideshow tool.  Create a presentation, album, book, graphic novel, or more.

Grade(s): K-12

Google Sheets

Spreadsheet tool. Create a budget, plan an event, compare colleges, or more. 

Grade(s): 4-12

Google Drawings

Simple drawing program. Create diagrams, annotated images, posters, art and more.   

Grade(s): 4-12


Graphic Design program. Design posters, infographics, banners, and more.

Grade(s): 9-12

Learn to write computer code! Interactive activities teach students computer science basics. 

Grade(s): K-6

Typing Club

District provided resource for typing practice. Skills are built over time with practice. Log in through Clever.

Grade(s): 2-6