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Edmonds School District

Submitting Work

Need Help with turning in work in Canvas? 

Choose the type of submission you are doing from the list below or use the Table of Contents to the left.

Need Help with Taking Photos and Screenshots?

See the section below for information and tips on:

Taking a Chromebook Photo of a hand written assignment

Taking a Screenshot on your Chromebook

When you click on Grades in your course navigation, you can view all assignments with grades and teacher feedback. When you click the on the title of an assignment, you are going to see the Submission Details. You are not seeing the actual assignment. 

In order to submit or resubmit the assignment, you may see a Submit Assignment button. 

If you do not, you will need to click on the Assignment title at the top of the page. This will take you to the actual assignment where you can resubmit (pictured below)

You can also go to Modules in your course navigation bar and click on the assignment from the module. 

Video: How to Submit or Resubmit an Assignment (~3min)

image of Where t click on Submission Details to return to the assignment and be able to resumbit.

To see what this looks like in a Canvas course, please watch the video above!


Chromebook Photo of Written Assignment

Click on a video below for directions on submitting a photo of written work using your Chromebook.

Video: Taking a Photo of a Written Assignment Webcam Submission (1:21)

Video: Taking a Photo of a Written Assignment and Uploading to Canvas (2:33)

Once your photo is taken, you will click "Drag a file here". This will open your Google Drive and you can select photos to find your photo to upload.


Newer iPhones will not be accessible by your teachers due to the file type.  If you are using your iPhone to take a photo, you need to convert the image from HEIC to JPEG before submitting it.  Check out the options with directions on the slides embedded on the right.

Options to Convert Images

  • Option 1: Convert Using the Files App
  • Option 2: Convert Using Email

Change Settings Before Taking Photo

Please check the iOS settings. Open the iOS app, scroll down to "Camera," tap "Formats" and pick "most compatible" for JPEG and "high efficiency" for HEIC. 

Video: How to Take a Screenshot on a Chromebook (~3min)

What is a screenshot? 

A screenshot is an image of what is being shown on your Chromebook screen. This could be an image of the whole screen or just part of the screen.

How do I take a Screenshot? 

If your teacher asks you to submit a screenshot on Canvas, follow the steps to the left. 

How do I submit a Screenshot? 

Once you have the screenshot ready in your Google Drive, you will submit it as a File Upload (follow steps below) 

  1. Open up the Canvas assignment
  2. Click Submit Assignment.
  3. Under File Upload, click Choose File
  4. When your Google Drive opens, click on Recent.
  5. Most recent screenshot will be at the top of the list. Select it and click Open.
  6. Click Submit Assignment. You should see Confetti!