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Edmonds School District

Setting Up Account

Need Help Setting Up Your Account?  

Check out the resources on this page.

Use the Table of Contents on the left to navigate the resources on this page! 

This site is a work in progress and content will be added and updated.

Video: Setting Up Notification Preferences (~3min)

Canvas sends Notifications to Instructors, Students, and Observers for specific course activity.  Each user can personalize their notification preferences:

Select the type of activity to trigger a notification

Select when notifications send

Select where notifications will be sent

Click here for directions on change notifications for a specific course.

Setting Pronouns

You can now customize your pronouns in your Canvas account! 

Click on the video or written directions to the right to learn how to set your pronouns in your account! 

Video: Adding Personal Pronouns to your Canvas Profile (~2min)

An option for students who want to share their personal pronouns within Canvas.

Setting your Picture

Add a picture to your Canvas account so that your teacher and classmates can see you!

Video: Adding a Profile Picture (~4min)

An option for students to add a picture of their choice for teachers and classmates.

Document: Adding your Picture