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Grading and Feedback

Need Help Finding Grades, Feedback, Rubrics, or Comments?

Use the Table of Contents on the left to navigate the resources on this page. 

Please watch the video tutorial to the right for an overview on how to view your grades and feedback from your teachers in your Canvas courses.

Video: Canvas - Viewing Feedback as a Student (~5min)


Grades in the Course Navigation Bar

The easiest way to view your grades or feedback from your teachers is by clicking on Grades in the Course Navigation Bar. This will allow you to see all assignments that you have submitted, along with any grades and feedback from your teacher. 

What do the different icons mean?

click to view teacher comments

click to view a rubric

Assignment submitted but not yet graded

Recent Feedback on your Course Home Page

On the left hand side of your Course Home page you will see a place for recent feedback. This is where you can see any assignments that were recently graded as well as any comments that your teachers have left on your assignments. 

You can click on the title of an assignment to see more information. 

When you click on Grades in your course navigation, you can view all assignments with grades and teacher feedback. When you click the on the title of an assingment, you are going to see the Submission Details. You are not seeing the actual assignment. 

In order to submit or resubmit the assignment, you may see a Submit Assignment button. 

If you do not, you will need to click on the Assignment title at the top of the page. This will take you to the actual assignment where you can resubmit (pictured below)

How to Submit or Resubmit an Assignment (video) 

You can also go to Modules in your course navigation bar and click on the assignment from the module. 

To see what this looks like in a Canvas course, please watch the video above! 

TURNITIN FEEDBACK ON YOUR ASSIGNMENTS is a resource that teachers can use to check your submission for academic integrity to ensure that what you submit is your original work. If your teachers has your assignment checked by you will see a notification on your assignment. 

How do I view my similiarity score? 

Follow the steps below to see your similarity score from Turnitin. 

Step 1: Click on Grades in your Course Navigation bar

Step 2: Find the assignment and look for the colored Icon on the right hand side of the assignment. 

Step 3: Click on the colored Icon to see more information about your similarity score

Step 4: This will open your assignment in the Turnitin Feedback studio. Click on your Similarity score on the righthand side to see more information about why you received this score.


Turnitin's similiarity score is from 0 to 100% based on how closely your assignment matches other sources online.

The color coding scale is pictured to the right.

A Blue icon means there is no similiarity between your assignment and resources online.

A Red icon means that your assignment almost exactly matches online resources.

Turnitin's Similiarity Score Color Coding