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Edmonds School District

Accessing & Navigating Canvas

Need Help Getting into Canvas?

Check out the resources provided on this page on how to access and navigate your Canvas account as a secondary student.  

Please use the Table of Contents to the left to navigate the resources on this page. 

Select the button below if you are using Canvas on your Phone or Tablet.

Canvas App for Phones/Tablets

To learn how to access your Canvas account please watch the short video to the right or follow the written directions below. 

Video: How to Access Your Canvas Account (~3min)

How to Access Your Canvas Account (written directions)

Getting Started:

  1. Go to or select the Edmonds Bookmarks folder in your bookmark bar and then select Canvas

2. The login screen will be Red with an image of a Panda. Log in with your District Username and Password and then select STAY SIGNED IN. 

3. Once you are logged in, select the course to open it from the Dashboard. 

If you do not see the course on the Dashboard follow these directions "Customize my Course List"  to locate the course and add it to your Dashboard.  

Students:  If you do not see some of your courses, the teacher has not published the course.


Past Course Enrollments are archived when the grading term ends and they will be removed from the main Dashboard. 

You can view all of your Past Enrollments in Canvas, but access to the course content will vary depending on the course settings. If a teacher has enabled the ability to view Course Content after it has concluded, you will have a Read-Only Access.  If the permissions are not enabled, you will only see the title of the course.


Access: (in Edmonds Bookmarks)

Username: student’s username (everything before in their email)

Password: student’s password (same as Chromebook and gmail) 

Click here to go to the Canvas troubleshooting page


Please watch the short video on the right for information on how to navigate your Canvas account. 

Video: How to Navigate Your Canvas Courses (~5min)

Please watch the short video on the right for information on how to personalize your Canvas Dashboard

Video: How to Personalize Your Dashboard (~5min)