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Edmonds School District

Canvas Family Resources

Welcome to our Canvas for Families site! We are excited to help you get logged into Canvas and start observing your students as they work through their Canvas courses from 3rd to 12th grade. Please use the resources below to navigate this site. 

For more information on how Students use Canvas, please click here to open Canvas Student Resources Site

New to Edmonds School District or to Canvas?

The information provided on this site is intended to support parent/guardians in the Edmonds School District.

Overview of canvas

Canvas is a learning management system used by students in the Edmonds School District in grades 3-12.  

It is students' "homebase," where all learning starts. It allows teachers to provide students and families with course information and weekly/daily schedules, to share lessons and instructional/supplemental content, to distribute assignments and receive submitted assignments, and to evaluate assignments and provide students with feedback. It is a "one stop shop" that will include all links to Zoom meetings and teacher/student messaging. 

Families can keep track of the daily progress of their student through Canvas as an observer.  

Edmonds School District's Canvas login page is pictured to the left. 

(The same system is used by Edmonds Community College, the University of Washington, and other higher education establishments. Each school district, college, or university that uses Canvas has its own Canvas web address. Be sure you are on Edmonds' login page!)


As an observer in your student's Canvas course, you can see the same things that your student sees. You can create individual roles for each person or one role for the family depending on your use and email.

Click here to learn about the Observer Role


Directions for Parents/Guardians who need to set up an account in Canvas that is connected to their student.  Once it is set up, the observer account will be connected to the student throughout their enrollment in Edmonds School District. Each family member who wants their own access will need an individual pairing code.

Click here to create a Canvas Account



Get familiar with how to navigate your Canvas Dashboard, courses, and information posted in your student(s)' courses. 

Click here to learn about navigation  


Directions for adding additional contact types such as text messages, and for controlling the number and type of notifications received.

Click here to set your notifications


As an observer, you can change the language of your Canvas Account. 

Click here to learn how to change your language settings.