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Edmonds School District

Installing or Updating the Skyward Mobile Access app

In addition to Edmonds School District moving to the new Skyward Qmlativ software system, Skyward released a new version of its Skyward Mobile Access app. This page provides guidance for installing/updating the app.

Note for new families: To set up the Skyward mobile, your student must be enrolled completely. You will receive an email notice with instruction on how to set up your account. If you have questions, contact your student’s school office.

PDF/Paper Copy

To install or update the mobile app:

  1. Download or update the app, “Skyward Mobile Access,” from your mobile device’s app store, such as Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store.
  1. Open the Skyward app on your mobile device.
  1. From the “Getting Started” screen, select Name.
  1. Next to the magnifying glass icon, type, “Edmonds,” and select, “WSIPC - Edmonds School District.”
  1. Do the following:
  1. Username- Type your Skyward username.
  2. Password - Type the password related to your Skyward username.
  3. Account Description - A description is automatically added. However, you can type a different description, such as, “Edmonds School District” (Recommended if you have Skyward accounts with multiple school districts).

If you need to identify your username or reset your password, please select, “Forgot Username and Password?,” and follow the prompts.

6.    Click Add Account.

You have successfully set up your account.

To access a mobile-friendly version of Skyward Qmlativ, select Continue in App.