STEM Magnet Program Academic Overview

The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Magnet Program is designed to engage students in four years of STEM related studies and learning experiences in order to inspire their interest in STEM fields and while fully preparing them for the rigor of STEM related studies at the college and university level.


All students take a common core of courses in grades 9-10 focused on preparing for advanced level studies at the 11th and 12th grade levels. In grades 11-12, all students choose their own advanced level STEM Program of Study from among three Advanced STEM Pathway options and culminate their experience with a senior project reflecting learning in their advanced STEM area.  These three Advanced STEM Pathway options are:


·   Aerospace Engineering

·   Biotechnology and Engineering

·   Computer Science and Engineering


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Aerospace Engineering Pathway


 The Aerospace Engineering program of study launches students into the world of aeronautics, rocketry and aerospace engineering. Students explore and develop solutions to engineering design problems in aerodynamics, propulsion, space flight, the biology of space science, materials and structures, and flight stability and control. Construction of a remote operated Mars rover, designing and launching model rockets, working with GPS technology, and using flight simulator software are examples of student projects within this program.

Program of Study Options and Information:
Aerospace Engineering (STEM Diploma)

Aerospace Engineering (STEM Honors Diploma) Program of Study

Hot Jobs

Hot Jobs in this Field 

Aerospace Engineer      

Avionics Technician

Civil Engineer                 

Electrical Engineer

Engineering Manager

Engineering Technician     

Industrial Engineer        

Mechanical Engineer

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  • The demand for Aerospace Engineers and Technicians remains extremely high in our region.
  • Students in this program can showcase their Engineering skills and knowledge through regional, state, and national FIRST Robotics and Rocketry competitions.


Biotechnology and Engineering Pathway

Biotech Through the Biotechnology and Engineering program of study, students gain valuable experience through meaningful projects which combine academic learning and real-world laboratory skills. Topics covered include DNA Fingerprinting, Cloning, Human DNA Sequencing, and Forensics. This program provides students strong preparation for careers within medical and scientific fields, and is supported by a number of research institutions including the University of Washington Genome Project, Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Institute, and Amgen. This program is an excellent option for students interested in pursuing Medical Science and related studies in college

Program Locations and Information:
Biotechnology & Engineering (STEM Diploma)

Biotechnology & Engineering (STEM Honors Diploma)


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Hot Jobs in this Field 


Biomedical Engineer

Biotechnology Technician

Medical /Laboratory Technician


Pharmacy Technician

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  • Students in this program can showcase their Biotechnology Research skills and knowledge through the state BIO Expo competition.
Computer Science and Engineering Pathway

ITThe Computer Science and Engineering program of study introduces students to rewarding fields of computer software and hardware design and development.  Students develop software development skills using programming methods emphasizing problem solving and algorithm development.  Students also develop an understanding of the hardware side of Computer Science by building, designing, and testing actual computer microprocessors and circuits.  This program is an excellent option for students interested in pursuing Computer Science or Engineering in college.

Program of Study Options and Information:

Computer Science/Engineering (STEM Diploma)

Computer Science/Engineering (STEM Honors Diploma)

Hot Jobs

Hot Jobs in this Field 

Computer Game Developer
Computer Engineer

Computer Programmer

Computer Technician

Digital Forensics Specialist

Security Analyst
Software Engineer

Systems Analyst

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  • The demand for skilled Computer Science and Technology workers in our region is extremely high.
  • Students can earn college credit for many of their Computer Science and Technology courses.