MTHS Robotics has 2 groups:

            VRC (VEX) Robotics   (Small Robots)   Advisor:  Mark Burbank

               Tues, Thurs                     2-4 pm 

            Location                        Room 133 and 134


         FRC (FIRST) Robotics      (Big Robots)       Advisors: Crystal Edwards, Scott Davidson

             Sept-Dec:            Thursday          6-8 pm

          Jan-Mar:               Mon-Thu         6-8pm & Sat 10-3pm

             Location               Room 133L


All interested students are welcome to join the VRC club.  The FRC Robotics club is for students who have experience in VRC and/or FRC Robotics.


MTHS Robotics supports several FIRST teams (More info:
MTHS Robotics website:  We are revising the Robotics website.  Please check back!
MTHS Robotics competes in several local and regional events throughout the year.

A typical annual schedule: September - October: skill building, team building, fundraising.

                                             November: design and build small robots

                                             December: participate in small robot competition

                                             January - February: build and design large robot

                                             March: participate in large robot competition

                                             April - June: skill building, presentations

-Must be an MTHS ASB cardholder to join and participate.

Contact Mark Burbank

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