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Edmonds School District

9200 - R1

9200 R1 - Community Use of School Facilities


Facilities of Edmonds School District, including all schools, grounds, support sites, and unoccupied buildings, are public assets owned by the District and integral to the mission of the District. The District encourages the responsible use of its facilities by the community, so long as that use does not conflict or constrain the educational mission of the District, or inhibit its normal activities.


This regulation sets for the requirements and guidelines for the occasional use of District facilities by the community. It does not apply to activities scheduled through other public entities that have interlocal agreements with the District to schedule and manage community use of District indoor or outdoor facilities. It also does not apply to facilities leased from the District through short or long-term contracts. It is applicable to all other users of District facilities, including school District employees who wish to schedule use of facilities for activities that are not sponsored by the school or District.


Important! Any regularly scheduled school activity or District sponsored community event shall have priority in the use of District Facilities. The Community Use Office shall make every attempt to notify a displaced community user in advance and reschedule or relocated displaced events.


When school is closed for any reason, all community use will also be canceled.

At no time may any facility user sublet District facilities to a third party.




Indoor Use of Operating Schools, and all District-level Facilities, Outdoor fields/facilities, including the District Stadium and parking lots: Director of Facilities Operations



Director of Food Services, in consultation with the school principal




Fees shall be approved by the Board of Directors and implemented under the direction of the Director of Facilities Operations. User classifications for determining fees and priority are defined below. Current fee schedules are available on the District website,; under the Community tab and link to Community Use of District Facilities; or by calling the Community Use Office located in the field house at Lynnwood High School at 425/431-3844 or 425/431-5312.


The District recognizes that not all events fit exactly into these classifications and a few may be of an extraordinary circumstance. These situations are very rare and classification and fees will be determined by District staff.


If a community use event fits largely within a classification, those fees will apply and the event or user will not be exempt from classification or fees.


All decisions of the District are final. The District reserves the right to deny use of its facilities when, in the judgment of the Director of Facilities Operations, it is not in the best interested of the District.




Group 0: Official programs and groups that operate under the direction and authority of the Edmonds School District No. 15 Board of Directors

Examples include, but are not limited to: Associated Student Body (ASB) activities; staff committees; citizen advisory groups such as Citizens Planning Committee (CPC); school site councils, professional development activities of District staff planned and managed by District staff.


Group 1:Non-profit organizations formed for the sole purpose of supporting Edmonds School District’s public schools

Important! All organizations claiming to be nonprofit shall submit their IRS Determination Letter at the time of application. No exceptions.


Examples include, but are not limited to: PTAs; PTSAs; PSOs; Booster Clubs, Edmonds School District employee associations/unions; Edmonds Alumni Association, Edmonds Public Schools Foundation.

Note: Group 1 users are subject only to custodial, site supervisor, and kitchen use fees when applicable; they are not charged scheduling or room rental fees.


Group 2 Nonprofit 501c3

Important! All organizations claiming to be nonprofit shall submit their IRS Determination Letter at the time of application. No exceptions.


Group 2 A: In District nonprofit 501c3 youth service organizations with 90% or more participation from students residing within Edmonds School District boundaries


Examples include, but are not limited to: YMCA/YWCA of Snohomish County; Edmonds or Alderwood Boys and Girls Clubs; Pacific Little League; Alderwood Little League; MTYAA; local troops of Girl/Boy Scouts of America; community based special interested clubs for youth (such as chess clubs and foreign language clubs); Sno-King Youth Club, Clothes for Kids; church youth groups.

For indoor venues, this classification will pay all Group 2 room charges up the annual limits listed below:


1 to 200 hours $ 500

201 to 400 hours $ 1,000

401 to 600 hours $ 1,500

601 to 1,200 hours $ 2,500

1,201 or more hours $ 3,000


All Group 2 non-room indoor charges (scheduling, site supervisor, custodial, kitchen, and technical support) apply.


Please note: if certain teams/program within a qualifying organization do not meet the criteria of Group 2A above, the organization will pay Group 2 rates without the annual cap for those teams/programs. Team coaches will submit their league registrations and/or league roster at the time of application. Program directors for non-sports organizations will submit their participant registrations at time of application. Any organization found to be falsifying community use required documents will be suspended for the remainder of the season for the first offense. In the event of a second offense the organization will be suspended for a year. 


For outdoor venues, this classification will pay the Group 2A outdoor fee table rates.


Group 2B: Out of District nonprofit 501c3 youth services organizations with less than 90% participation from students residing within Edmonds School District boundaries.


Examples include, but are not limited to: Northwest National Premier Soccer League; Patriots Fastpitch; Blaze Fastpitch; Western Washington Premier Basketball Association; Northwest Volleyball Academy; Northwest Junior Volleyball Club; Cascade Youth Symphony


For indoor venues, this classification will pay the Group 2 indoor fee table rates without an annual cap.

For outdoor venues, this classification will pay the Group 2B outdoor fee tables rates.


Group 3 Nonprofit 501c3:Organizations that do not fit Group 2A or Group 2B definitions, adult groups, and other public agencies that do not have reciprocal facility use agreements with the District.

Important! All organizations claiming to be nonprofit shall submit their IRS Determination Letter at the time of application. No exceptions.


Examples include, but are not limited to: local cities; Snohomish County; state agencies; Rotary Clubs, Chamber of Commerce; Kiwanis; adult sports groups; church general services

This classification will pay the Group 3 rates.


Group 4:For profit entities and private events

Examples include, but are not limited to: businesses; professional or semi-professional sporting and performing arts activities; professional seminars and promotion events; for profit educational institutions; commercial hobby and craft ventures (baseball card shows, rock and gem shows, etc.); wedding receptions, or other activities for which public halls or commercial facilities are generally rented or owned.


This classification will pay the Group 4 rates.



An application must be submitted to the Community Use Office at least 10 business days prior to the scheduled event. The responsible administrator or designee will process the request and prepare a Facility Use Permit (A170 Form). This requirement applies to ALL classification of users. If kitchen facilities are to be used, approval of the Director of Food Service is also required prior to issuance of the permit. The Director of Food Services will determine if a health permit is required; if so, it must be obtained from the Snohomish County Health Department prior to the event.


Important! All applicants must sign and return the Facility Use Permit (A170 Form) before their events begin. Events without a signed Facility Use Permit may be canceled. The user shall have a copy of their Facility Use Permit and schedule on site during their event(s).


Organizations must book their own events! Events cannot be booked through a third party. Any shared use of a District Facility shall be approved in advance by the Facility Use Coordinator.


All classifications of users: Room rentals, except gyms, are approved on a first come, first served basis in order of classification and using the priorities listed in section J.


Gym and field scheduling requests are handled on a seasonal basis. The sports season and request submission deadlines are outlined below. Seasonal applications will be accepted on the opening date or first business day (Monday through Saturday) following the opening date. Acceptance of applications will end on the closing date or on the first business day following. The Community Use business day is Monday through Saturday from 9 AM until 5 PM. Applications may be made in person at the Lynnwood High Field House or electronically. All applications are held until the seasonal close deadline and then scheduled using the priorities listed in section J.



Field Requests

Field Requests Open

Field Requests Close

Gym Requests

Gym Requests Open

Gym Requests Close



Jun 15

July 1

Oct *

Aug 1

Aug 15



Oct 1

Oct 15


Sept 15

Oct 1




Jan 2

Jan 15


Feb 15

Mar 1


*September gym usage is variable due to school needs and the first of school year workloads. Final approval may not be available prior to September first.



Important! Payment in full, along with documentation of insurance coverage, including an additional insured endorsement, any contract addendums, and if applicable a Lystedt Concussion compliance form and/or an IRS determination letter regarding nonprofit status, are required at the time of permit approval. Checks shall be made payable to Edmonds School District #15.


Important! Fees are to be paid in advance of the event. Groups using district facilities for a season or more may pay the first month in advance and be invoiced by the middle of the month for succeeding months. Events may be canceled if payments do not reach the District before the event.



Use of District-owned consumable supplies and materials, other than restroom supplies, is not permitted by community users in Groups 2, 3, or 4.


Each user is responsible for making arrangements with a commercial rental company and paying for any equipment (i.e. chairs, tables, or similar equipment) needed beyond what is available in the space that has been reserved. 


Unique facility set-up arrangements must be requested and approved at the time of application for the permit. An additional fee may be charged for these arrangements.



Users are responsible to pay the District for any damages that occur during their scheduled use of the facility, including damages to any part of the facility by participants associated with the user. Additional charges for repair and/or clean-up will be assessed and payable to Edmonds School District #15.



Refunds due to either user cancellation or District cancellation will be processed by the District’s Business Office according to normal business procedures and timelines.


Room or field rental fees, custodial, and site supervision fees will be refunded if an event is cancelled with at least 24 hours’ notice to the responsible administrator prior to the start of the event. Scheduling fees are not refunded when events are canceled by the user.


User cancellations of less than 24 hours prior to an event may be subject to charges for supervision or custodial costs incurred by the District. Cancellation fees will not be charged due to inclement weather if reported to the responsible administrator within 24 hours. In cases where monthly billing applies, adjustments for cancellations and rain-outs will be processed in a following billing cycle.




All Indoor and Outdoor Facilities

  1. All activities are subject to municipal and county ordinances as well as District and school policies.
  2. Washington State law RCW 70.160.030 prohibits smoking in public places.
  3. The sale or consumption of alcohol or other controlled substance is prohibited during community use of school facilities.
  4. All private non-profit youth sports groups shall provide a Statement of Compliance form to Edmonds School District verifying that they have met the requirements of the Lystedt Law (RCW 4.24.660/RCW 28A 600) regarding concussion and head injury management.
  5. All users are responsible for compliance with Edmonds School District No. 15 Policy 9200 R1 by all attendees during use of the facilities. Users agree that the District and its officers, directors, employees and all agents shall not be liable for any damage to person or property by reason of negligent acts of users or their agents, employees, invitees or subcontractors. Users agree to protect, indemnify for costs, legal and other expenses, and hold harmless the District and its officers, directors, employees and agents from all claims, liabilities, or suits arising out of use of the facilities by users. These provisions shall be expressly agreed up by users by signature on the Facility Use Permit (From 170) prior to facilities use.
  6. All users shall provide adequate supervision, as determined by the administrator responsible for the scheduling and use of the facility.
  7. Leaders of youth groups will insist on conduct comparable to school conduct.
  8. The responsible administrator shall approve any decorations used. No furnishing normally present, including flags, shall be removed from the facility or moved from other rooms within the building.
  9. District equipment shall not be used unless approved by the responsible administrator.
  10. No user will be allowed to store equipment or supplies in any District facility, except as expressly permitted by the contract.
  11. Motor vehicles are to be parked in designated areas, not on play fields.
  12. No pets are allowed on synthetic turf fields at any time or on district grounds when school is in session from one half hour before start time and until one half hour following dismissal. Pets are not allowed in school buildings, in District vehicles or at school-sponsored events.
  13. All facilities are to be left in the same or better condition than they were found.
  14. All damage is to be reported immediately by the user of the facility to the site supervisor or responsible administrator.
  15. When a building or outdoor facility is damaged or left in an unsatisfactory condition by a user, the responsible administrator shall notify the maintenance department. The user responsible for the damage shall be billed for the cost of the repair and/or for the cleaning of the facility and shall be denied the use of any District facility until such time as payment for the damage has been made.
  16. Violation of the rules under which a permit is issued may cause the violator to be placed on probation or to have his/her permit canceled for the remainder of the fiscal year, and/or for up to one year total. The Director of Facilities Operations shall make decisions involving probation or the cancellation of any permit.

Indoor Facilities

  1. Groups using a multipurpose room or gym are to wear either rubber-soled shoes or play in stocking feet.
  2. Due to security concerns, dances, other than school-related or sponsored, shall not be held in operating school facilities during the school attendance year. At the discretion of the Superintendent or designee, groups may be allowed to use high school facilities during the summer for dances for high school-age students of this District. School facilities rented for dances shall be subject to such special conditions as the Superintendent or designee may deem necessary.
  3. Special handling of on-site chairs, tables, or other equipment is subject to additional charges.
  4. Activities that are to be held in shops or craft rooms may require District supervision, including additional fees.

Outdoor Fields/Facilities

Any regularly scheduled school activity or District community event shall have priority in the use of school fields.


Food Service

Authorization for users to provide food service is at the discretion of the responsible administrator or designee and shall conform to the terms and conditions of the Food Service addendum to the Facility Use Permit.


  1. Facilities are approved by the responsible administrator on a Facility Use Permit (form A170).
  2. Priority for facility use is by Group Classification with highest priority for Group 0, followed in order by Group 1, 2A, 2B, 3 and 4. 
  3. An organization which has used a facility in prior consecutive years should ordinarily be given priority of use within Group category, while new users will be accommodated as feasible.
  4. An organization which has continuous use of a building space during the school year and whose activities would be seriously handicapped by exclusion during the summer months may petition in advance for their first summer date for those activities requiring indoor facilities.
  5. Additional priorities in scheduling time of use: a) Activities for students should be scheduled for early evening hours. Adults should be scheduled for later evening hours; b) Traditional indoor sports have priority over outdoor sports when scheduling an indoor facility.
  6. Use of a school kitchen is scheduled by the Food Services Department. Use of a Central Production (middle or high school) Kitchen may require District food service supervision. Fees for supervision will be paid by the group using the facility.
  7. The responsible administrator or designee shall provide each user with a copy of the Facility Use Permit. All users are responsible for safeguarding the facility and for the conduct of participants and spectators arising from the use of the facility.
  8. The District and the responsible administrator or designee reserve the right to alter the schedule of a community user as necessary to accommodate school or district programs or additional scheduling requests.
  9. If it becomes necessary for the responsible administrator to cancel the use of a facility, he/she shall inform the user as far in advance as possible so that the organization may reschedule its activities.
  10. A user must notify the responsible administrator if use of a facility is terminated earlier than scheduled.
  11. When a facility is closed because of inclement weather or other emergency, all community use activities are canceled during the closure period. Each user is responsible for providing notification of such closure it its invitees.

All applicants are required to provide a valid Certificate of Insurance in the amount and with the coverage specified on the current fee schedules. In addition, all applicants must provide an Additional Insured Endorsement (AIE) form naming Edmonds School District #15 as primary, non-contributing additional insured on their insurance policy. The District also reserves the right to modify insurance requirements for exceptional situations, as determined by our Department of Risk Management.



  1. Why is a Certificate of Insurance and an Additional Insured Endorsement required?

Community use of school and District facilities is not insured through the District’s insurance policy. These documents provide evidence that the user is providing insurance coverage for any liability that occurs during their use of the facility.


  1. Who is required to provide an additional insured endorsement?

All users, except Group 0.


  1. Do we need to fill out a Facility Use Permit if we are a Group 0 user (a program of the District -- like a school soccer team) and we want to use a building in the evening or on a weekend for a banquet?

Yes, a Facility Use Permit must be filled out because it secures the room, avoids double bookings, notifies the custodian that the room will be in use, alerts the user of what is expected of them and gives the District and user a record of the event. There is no fee or insurance certificate required. There must be an employee of the District present at all times during the function to supervise the activity, and if applicable, to make sure the facility is locked after use. If the activity requires additional custodial time, a fee will be charged. All facilities used are to be left in the same or better condition than they were found. 


  1. Are District employees required to submit a Facility Use Permit, pay applicable fees and provide insurance documents for a non-District sponsored activity?

Yes, District employees who use a facility for non-District sponsored activities are required to comply with the Community Use of Facilities Regulations. Examples include, but are not limited to, employees that want to use a gym for any non-school sport practice, game or exercise, weight rooms, or classrooms.


  1. Can a full time employee of the District work as a site supervisor?

Full time classified employees who are eligible for overtime (i.e. custodians, Para-educators, office personnel, or any other “non-exempt” employees) may not work as a site supervisor. Our standard hourly rate for a site supervisor is inadequate to pay overtime rates for regular District employees.

Part time classified employees may work as a site supervisor provided that their total hours do not exceed 40 hours per week.

If a site supervisor is not available and the group is willing to pay more to cover the full costs of overtime pay, this restriction may be waived on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Facilities Operations.

  1. How are the fees that are collected used by the District?

~Custodial Fee – deposited in the budget that pays the cost of custodial overtime related to facility use.

~Scheduling Fee – deposited in the property management budget to help reimburse District costs.

~Site Supervisor Fee - deposited in the budget that pays the cost of a site supervisor, to pay for a person focused on protecting the building and contents during facility use; responsible for building security and trained to handle facility-related emergencies.

~Room Rental Fee - deposited in the budgets that pay the costs of utilities and custodial supplies, to help reimburse the cost of utilities (electricity, water, garbage, natural gas, and sewer) and supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, cleaning supplies) related to facility use.

~Kitchen Use Fee - deposited in the Food Service budget to help reimburse the cost of returning the kitchen to the stringent health and safety standards mandated for school meal preparation and service.