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Edmonds School District

Community eFliers

Community Fliers through Peachjar!

Our students, families and staff benefit from both school-based educational and after-school opportunities. Edmonds School District has helped to showcase events from schools, strategic partners and community organizations for nearly 20 years.

Current fliers posted in our District:


As a public school district, we follow District School Board Policy 4060 and work exclusively with 501(c)3 non-profits, district partnerships and municipal organizations, and share everything from education enhancing events to athletic and community involved teams and happenings.

Approval of all submissions is the responsibility of the Communications team. Edmonds School District Partners with Peachjar to provide electronic flier to our community.

Interested in distributing information to our community?

  • All materials must be approved by the Communications team.
    Materials from for-profit entities do not qualify and will not be considered for approval.
  • Time is needed for approval of all submissions.
    To ensure timely posting of your event, organizations should plan to submit each request two weeks prior to event start date.
  • The district sends PeachJar emails to families every Wednesday
    Fliers submitted for a different date will be held until the next Wednesday, then it will be published and sent out.
  • All people/groups interested in posting an event must satisfy one of the following conditions:
    • Qualify as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
      Proof of current and active WA UBI number and IRS EIN information is required
    • Be a municipal or civic organization
    • Be an approved district Strategic Partner with a current Memo of Understanding (MOU)
    • Be a school, district department, staff member or school approved student organization
  • To be considered for posting, all event materials must:
    • Be submitted through Peachjar at
    • Be submitted separately and not in conjunction or combined with other events
    • Be in electronic (PDF) format and contain our district disclaimer, prominently displayed:
      • "The Edmonds School District does not sponsor or endorse the activity and/or information contained in this material.
      • Complete details of the event (dates -beginning & ending, times -start and end, location(s), contact information & audience)
      • The name of the primary sponsoring organization hosting the event
    • Present materials, events and activities that are of possible educational, cultural, social or recreational value or benefit to students, families and/or staff in the district service area
    • Be open and available to the diverse students and parents served by the Edmonds School District on a nondiscriminatory basis.
  • The district cannot consider materials that:
    • Do not prominently display the district disclaimer (as noted above)
    • Contain obscene, indecent or offensive language or graphics, or content which would be prohibited by district rules for student conduct
    • Contain language that is proselytizing in nature or disparaging of religion
    • Contain commercial taglines, logos, advertisements or other promotional material of for-profit entities and commercial activities except for a limited placement of logo(s) of event or program sponsor(s)
    • Advocates or promotes violation of existing laws, regulations or ordinances, or official ESD policies, rules or regulations, or poses a substantial risk of causing a violation of the same
    • Advocates for a specific political issue or viewpoint

Hard-copies such as posters may be submitted for approval and eventual posting at a school office location. Upon approval and notification from the Communications team, an organization representative may go to the district building(s) to give the poster to the front office for posting.

If you ever have any questions about this new process, please contact:

Merry Rumpel (425) 431-7187