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Edmonds School District

Pro/Con Committee

Edmonds School District seeks pro/con committee members for Feb. 8, 2022 levy

Edmonds School District is seeking to renew its Educational Programs and Operations levy in the February 8, 2022 special election. The levy would continue funding for critical needs not yet fully funded by the state. Some examples are:

  • Nurses and counselors to support health and safety

  • Additional teachers to provide additional class offerings

  • Educational assistants, and paraeducators to support students with high-quality instruction

  • Athletics, music, drama, and student clubs and activities

  • Services for students with special needs

  • Student course offerings for high school students, including advanced courses

As part of the election process, the district is required to make a request for committee members to prepare pro and/or con statements regarding the education levy.

The Snohomish County voter’s pamphlet will contain pro (supporting) and con (against) statements and rebuttals. The Pro Committee as a group will write a pro statement of up to 250 words and a 75-word rebuttal to the Con Committee statement. The Con Committee will write a 250-word statement in opposition to the ballot measure and a 75-word rebuttal to the Pro Committee’s statement. All must be residents of Snohomish County. Council can appoint up to three members for each Committee.

Those interested in applying for one of the committee positions should submit their name, contact information and a brief statement as to why they would like to serve on one of the committees. There will be two committees created. The committee members are responsible for writing statements in favor or in opposition to the measures. Both will appear in the Snohomish County voters pamphlet.

There is a limit of three members per committee, but committees may seek input from others to develop a statement.

Please apply by noon on Thursday, November 18, 2021 to

You can learn more about elections process here: