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Edmonds School District

Frequently Asked Questions - bonds and levies

Level tax rate - District

Questions and Answers:

Why do communities have local technology and capital levies and bonds? 

People want their local schools to provide the tools needed to improve student learning and provide students with well-maintained, safe learning environments. The state does not provide adequate funding for technology or capital facilities, and the law allows school districts to seek local funding support in these areas through levies. 

What does renewal of the Technology/Capital Levy provide for students and schools? 

The Replacement Technology/Capital Levy provides funding for technology for student learning and capital facilities improvements. The majority of the funds to be collected over four years will be used to support technology for student learning. This means one-to-one computers in grade 2-12 and two students to one computer in grades K-1, along with online curriculum, other software systems and instructional systems. The levy will also support classroom technology, teacher training and support and internet access to students who do not have internet at home. The levy will also support capital facility improvements that include safety, security and emergency preparedness improvements at every school along with other system upgrades and replacements.

What does this mean for Edmonds School District homeowners?

Tax rates are based on the assessed property value of each home. The chart below shows the total cost and rate of the $600 million Capital Construction Bond and the $96 million Technology/Capital Levy on a
home valued at $400,000. 

Actual 2019 and estimated 2021 taxes for a $400,000 home value

The district only collects up to the amount approved by voters regardless of assessed property valuation. These estimated figures do not take into consideration new homes being built or new commercial businesses being added to tax rolls, which would result in decreased taxes for existing homeowners.

What’s the overall projected tax impact for all the district’s levies and bonds combined, if the replacement levy is re-approved by voters?

The district estimates the combined rate for all the district’s tax measures for 2021 will be $3.69 per $1,000 of assessed property value. This is the same as the current tax rate, which means a level tax rate will be maintained. See Overall tax impact chart in the Financial Information section

How were the bond projects identified?

The capital projects included in this bond proposal represents years of work by the enrollment and facilities & bond committees. The projects were selected based on objective criteria and established through a comprehensive and extensive process as part of the long-term capital facilities plan. The plan addresses a total of $1.7 billion in district school facility and capacity needs. Proposed bond projects include one new middle school; replacement College Place Middle; one new elementary school; replacement Beverly and Oak Heights elementary schools; Phase II of Spruce Elementary school; New Innovative Learning Center (Scriber Lake High to move to the Educational Services Center campus); Districtwide renewal and upgrade projects.

How can I get additional information on the bond and levies or request a presentation?

Please visit the 2020 Election website at or contact  Communications & Public Relations at 425-431-7044,