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Edmonds School District

2020 Capital/Technology Levy & Construction Bond

Thank you! The Capital/Technology Levy was approved by voters.

The Capital Construction Bond did not meet the percentage necessary to be approved. 

The District is committed to maintaining a level tax rate

The Edmonds School District held an election Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020, with two measures on the ballot:

1) Capital Construction Bond, and

2) Replacement Technology/Capital Levy. The school board unanimously moved to place these measures before voters during a business meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2019.

2020 Capital Construction Bond and Technology/Capital Levy - Fall Newsletter


%22This community if committed to our children and we see that each and every day.%22 Superintendent Kristine McDuffy

Striving to meet district facility and educational needs

The decision to place a $600 million Capital Construction Bond on the ballot is part of a long-term capital facilities plan. The plan comes after more than two years of research from committees made up of students, teachers, parents, community members and district staff. The plan identifies $1.7 billion in facility needs around the district. 

“What we are asking from voters is much more than a dollar amount,” said School Board President Diana White. “We need to continue to invest in the future of our community and that comes when we invest in our students right now. Our older schools do not support current educational programs and are reaching the end of their useful service life. The bond not only gives us the opportunity to build safer schools, it also allows us to design facilities to better support learning for all students and staff,” White added. 

The need doesn’t stop with our buildings. The district is also committed to technology needs for students and staff. The $96 million Technology/Capital levy will continue to provide 1:1 computing devices for students, increase educator support for integrating technology into student learning and maintain classroom display and audio systems. The main focus of the capital portion of the levy will improve safety and security at our facilities. 

Students at Beverly Elementary embrace the start of the new school year. Their school would be replaced if voters approve the 2020 Capital Construction Bond.

“This community is committed to our children and we see that each and every day,” said Superintendent Dr. Kristine McDuffy. “The replacement levy is vital to keeping our students safe and also providing equitable experiences when it comes to the use of technology, including providing internet access for students at home who can’t afford this important educational tool,” McDuffy said. 

Stewards of our community’s financial support by maintaining level tax rate

In order to continue the district’s commitment to being good stewards of our community’s financial support, the long-term capital facilities plan aims to spread out the cost to the community over the next 20 years. The district is committed to maintaining a level tax rate.

To maintain a level tax rate for the proposed 2020 bond, the district has structured bond issues on a cycle that allows for older bonds to be paid off just as new bonds are issued. The tax rate is dependent on the assessed valuation of the district. That means, as the assessed valuation increased because of growth, the tax rate per one thousand dollars of assessed property decreases, which allows the district to consider future bond measures while maintaining a stable tax rate. 

2020 Bond and Levy Projects by School