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Edmonds School District

Bonds & Levies

Why do we need bonds and levies?

School districts rely on voter-approved bonds and levies to generate additional funding for various purposes related to education, including replacing school buildings and providing technology equipment for students and staff.

Official results posted!

February 13, 2024 Special Election

2024 School Construction Bond and Replacement Technology/Capital Levy

All capital funds are managed by the Capital Projects office:

Capital Projects

Education Programs and Operations Levy

The Educational Programs & Operations Levy continues day-to-day operations that are not funded by the state. This includes providing funding for nurses, mental health counselors, academic supports, and extracurricular activities.

This levy needs voter approval every four years. 

Approved levies:

  • 2022 Educational Programs and Operations Levy (expires end of 2026)
  • 2018 School Programs and Operations Levy (expired 2022)
  • 2014 School Programs and Operation Levy (expired 2018)
  • 2010 School Programs and Operation Levy (expired 2014)
  • 2010 Supplemental School Programs and Operation Levy (expired 2014)

Technology/ Capital Levy

The Technology/Capital Levy provides technology for student learning and capital facility improvements. The technology component includes one-to-one computers, curriculum, software systems, classroom technology. The capital component includes safety, security and emergency preparedness systems are also included. 

These levies need voter approval every four to six years. 

Approved levies:

  • 2024 Capital/Technology Levy (begins 2025)
  • 2021 Capital Levy (expires end of 2027)
  • 2020 Capital/Technology Levy (expires end of 2024)
  • 2016 Technology/Capital Levy (expired 2020) 
  • 2012 Technology/Capital Levy (expired 2016)
  • 2008 Technology/Capital Levy (expired 2012)

Capital Construction Bond

A Capital Construction Bond provides funding for major capital investments. Priority projects are selected through an extensive process as part of a long-term capital facilities plan. This includes new school construction and major facility or field renovations.  

By law, bonds may not be used to pay for the day-to-day costs of operating schools or school districts.

These bonds need voter approval every four to six years. 

Bond and Levy planning

An active Facility Advisory Committee meets to assess and evaluate the long-term facility needs of the district. A long-term facility plan that addresses more than $2 billion in school facility and capacity needs is used by staff and the school board when developing ballot measures. 

Previous enrollment and bond committees have also contributed to this extensive process and plan. 

District Committees and Parent Groups

Enrollment and Bond Committee Reports


If you have additional questions regarding levies, bonds and planning, please email