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November High School Students of the Month

Photos of each Student of the Month recipient


Edmonds Heights K-12

Student Name: Joel Copland

Student Name: Reannon Rogers-Workman

Mother's Name: Joan Workman

Awards: 3rd place in school spelling bee

Future Educational Goals: Attend The University of Washington

Future Career Goals: Become a high-school math teacher

Anything else we should know? I enjoy learning math and I have been a T.A. in high school math for three years

Edmonds-Woodway High School

Student Name: Cedar Lange

Mother's Name: Lynne Behrendt

Father's Name: Greg Lange

GPA: 3.78

Clubs & Activities: Band, Jazz Band, Jazz Choir, Tri-M, National Honors Society, Key Club, Environmental Club, Warrior Connection

Future Educational Goals: Attend a four year university.

Future Career Goals: A life in music

Anything else we should know? Check out my band Jodan Bonto at https://soundcloud.com/ceda-lange

Student Name: Lauren Shin

Mother's Name: Alisa Na

GPA: 3.99

Clubs & Activities: She's the First Club- Public Relations ; Liberty in North Korea Club- President

DECA- 2016 Area Finalist ; Key Club

ASB: Freshmen Appointed Officer; Sophomore Appointed Officer; Junior Class Secretary; Senior Class Secretary

Athletics: freshman and sophomore year volleyball; junior and senior year cheer.

Honors: Full International Baccalaureate candidate

Awards: National Honor Society, National Honor Art Society

Community Service: Mexico Mission Trips 8th-12th grades; Taholah Mission trips 8th-10th grades.

Future Educational Goals: To attend a four year college or university.

Future Career Goals: A field involving art,business, and science.

Lynnwood High School

Student Name: CJ Sternfels

Mother's Name: Christine Sternfels

Father's Name: Peter Sternfels

GPA: 3.87

Clubs & Activities: I am involved in several clubs and activities at Lynnwood. The clubs that I am in right now are Hi-Q and Tri-M. Throughout high school, I have been a part of Tri-M, which stands for Modern Music Masters. This club's main focus is a community based service project. One day a year we do a massive food drive that brings in over 20,000 cans, which we then donate to the Lynnwood Food Bank. I have participated in both band and Jazz band all four years. I am currently in Wind Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Band 1. I took part in DECA from my freshman to junior years and Interact in 10th and 11th grade. Junior year, I was the president of Interact and we were able to complete several community service projects.

ASB: I am the Activities Coordinator for Lynnwood High School's ASB. With this position, I am in charge of putting together assemblies, making sure the large calendar is up to date and making sure that everything runs smoothly during events. Our ASB works hard to ensure that Lynnwood is a place of inclusion and that our students feel safe and successful in all aspects of their high school life.

Athletics: I've been in the volleyball program all throughout high school. This year I was on the varsity volleyball team. We had a very successful season, with a league record of 9-3. This record earned us second seed, right behind Arlington and allowed us to host districts. We placed fifth overall in districts.This was hands down my most memorable season and I will forever be thankful for the laughter, memories, and friendships made both on and off the court.

Honors: I am currently enrolled in three AP classes- AP Government and Politics, AP Calculus BC and AP Biology. I have previously taken AP European History, AP Environmental Science and AP Calculus AB.

Awards: "Most Inspirational" for volleyball in 11th grade; Academic honor roll 9th-12th grade;

Rotary Club of Alderwood-Terrace recognition for "Outstanding Service as President of Lynnwood High School Interact Club 2015-2016".

Community Service: Through the clubs that I have been in I have racked up many community service hours. Most of the DECA events that I went to had to do with volunteering through the Junior Achievement program. Through Interact, I helped package and send medical and general health care packages to countries that have been impacted by a natural disaster or who live in extreme poverty. This was made possible through Medical Teams International. Through Tri-M I help in collecting cans that go towards the food drive and then when the food drive ends, I help to organize all the items collected so that they can be donated to the food bank.

Significant School Project: One project that I completed for Lynnwood High school was a fundraiser for the music program. I was able to raise over $1,500 through Pledge365.org. Pledge365 is the nonprofit that I came up with when I was nine years old. It is online-based and focuses on helping schools with anything impacted by budget cuts (programs,sports, books, etc...). Anyone can become a donor and it is extremely easy to sign up.

Future Educational Goals: I hope to attend Western Washington University in the fall of 2017. I will attend the Huxley College of the Environment and earn my degree in environmental science with a focus on marine ecology and biology. After that, I may go on to get a masters in teaching.

Future Career Goals: In the future, I hope to be either a marine biologist, environmental scientist, or a teacher in that subject. As of right now, I am leaning towards becoming an environmental scientist that focuses on the marine environment and finding ways to clean up our oceans and recover some of our ecosystems.

Student Name: Drew Thomas

Mother's Name: Mary Ruth Thomas

Father's Name: Larry Thomas

GPA: 3.97

Clubs & Activities: I am actively involved in the music program, playing the trumpet and the French horn. I lead the jazz combo at Lynnwood High when time is available.

Athletics: I have participated in cross country all four years of high school, lettering junior year.

Honors: I am enrolled in five advanced placement classes, having completed multiple AP and honors courses in tenth and eleventh grade.

Awards: I have received Musician of the Year two times, as well as academic recognition awards.

Current Employment: School is my job.

Future Educational Goals: I am planning on attending a four-year university but am currently undecided on where. That said, it will most likely be University of Washington.

Future Career Goals: Not working at a desk!

Meadowdale High School

Student Name: Moriah Lund

Mother's Name: Tamara Lund

Father's Name: Dj Lund

Clubs & Activities: guitar,choir,cross country for two years, tennis (varsity since freshman year) Club: Hip-Hop:

Athletics: Just finished cross country; will play tennis again in the spring.

Honors: Pre-calculus

Future Career Goals: I am striving to be a physical therapist.

Anything else we should know? I have been playing guitar and singing every summer for the past seven years at the Edmond's Saturday Market. ( I'm the girl with the cowboy hat)

Student Name: Kela Marshall

Mother's Name: Star Marshall

Father's Name: Chris Marshall

GPA: 3.4

Clubs & Activities: Sports Medicine and dancing Hula.

Athletics: Football, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and track

Awards: First team all WESCO South Outside linebacker as a junior; first team all WESCO South running Junior and Senior year, Mr. Offense Junior year

Community Service: Helped teach the younger football boys at Meadowdale middle last year and this year. Help the junior Meadowdale football team that my little brothers played on. Beach clean up in Hawaii, it was all planned by myself.

Significant School Project: Beach clean up that I planned in Hawaii, and football mentoring

Current Employment: Boys and Girls club Refereeing

Future Educational Goals: Bachelor’s degree in Business or engineering or sports medicine relative degree

Future Career Goals: NFL player if not then have a great coaching career that I could hope to achieve

Anything else we should know? Had my first 4.0 GPA when I was in the eighth grade before transferring into an all Hawaiian private school.


Mountlake Terrace High

Student Name: Elizabeth Jurgensen

Mother's Name: Ursula Jurgensen

Father's Name: Dan Jurgensen

GPA: 3.76

Clubs & Activities: VEX Robotics Competition; FIRST Robotics Competition; STEM Student Leadership Team; Girl Scouts

Honors: AP Honors Scholar; The Herald of Everett "Super Kid"

Awards: Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, and Golden Torch Awards; Concert Orchestra "Most Inspirational;” "Women in STEM" Leadership Award

Community Service: Twelve years of Girl Scouts.

Significant School Project: I am currently working on cost efficient solar cells. I aim to design and build solar cells that, when evaluated based on Watts of power output to total cost, will be more efficient than currently marketed dye-sensitized solar cells.

Future Educational Goals: Attend a four-year university to earn a bachelor's degree in Nuclear Engineering.

Future Career Goals: To be a nuclear engineer.

Student Name: Damon Dahl

Mother's Name: June Jones

Father's Name: Dennis Dahl

GPA: 3.42

Clubs & Activities: To be honest... all I do is music.

Percussion Ensemble (2014-2017)

Jazz 2 (2015-2016)

Jazz 2/3 (2016-2017)

Jazz 1 (2016-2017)

CML(Creative Music Lab) (2015-2016)

CML(Creative Music Lab) (2016-2017)

Musical Theater 1st year (2016)

Musical Theater 2nd year (2016-2017)

Awards: Percussion Ensemble - Most Improved (2014)

Percussion Ensemble - Most Improved (2015)

Percussion Ensemble - Most Inspirational (2016)

Jazz 2 - Most Improved (2016)

Future Educational Goals: I plan on taking a gap year after high school. I want to explore music in new/innovative ways by meeting new people around the world. I want to take this time out for high school to experience new and creative musical opportunities. And to build a foundation for myself.

Future Career Goals: I want to be a Professional Musician. I want to play drums (and many other instruments like guitar and possibly clarinet) in lots of musical groups/people to experience and explore new possibilities in the culture/history of old (traditional)/new emerging music.

Anything else we should know? I seriously don't think that I wouldn't be so passionate about music if it wasn't for Mr. Darin Faul (the Music Director at Mountlake Terrace High School). The most important thing that Mr. Faul has taught me over the past 4 years that I have been here at MTHS is that "music shouldn't be a competition... it should be a time for you to express and show your true feelings towards the music you are playing. And people listening to you should have the chance to experience that music with you. You can't judge what music is better." (of course those weren’t his exact words… but I think that this will help you get the point). Also... during my spare time I sometimes like to knit.


Scriber Lake High

Student Name: EmmaSariah Jensen

Mother's Name: Jessica C. Anderson

Father's Name: Bruce Anderson

GPA: 3.505

Clubs & Activities: I'm not involved in any school clubs but I do like participating and helping the activities we do as a class and as a whole school.

ASB: I have never been in an ASB club but I’ve taken three quarter classes of leadership throughout my high school career. This helped me learn basic teamwork and social skills when you are trying to complete a project or task while working with others.

Athletics: I tried out for my middle school volleyball team but, unfortunately I didn't make the cut. Since then I’ve only been doing sports during my Physical Education classes here at Scriber Lake.

Awards: I have won several recognition rewards from my school throughout the four years I have been going to this school. I was also awarded the hidden winner student of the month by the Edmond's Rotary Club.

Community Service: During my junior year I attended the nursing assistance program at Sno-Isle Tech in Everett, in order to pass my class I had to work 40 hours of community service at a nearby senior living home as a nursing assistant for the nurses who worked there.

Significant School Project: A significant school project that I had accomplished was originally a short story about an important part if my life, which eventually turned into a book that my school published. It was an amazing opportunity to let other experience my work, along with my classmates.

Current Employment: I am currently not employed but I work at home to take care of my big family and our house.

Future Educational Goals: My future educational goals are to, one, go to Shoreline Community College or Edmonds Community College to get my associates of science, and two, work my way up to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and, eventually, the certificate to be a full-fledged nurse.

Future Career Goals: My future career goals include working in a hospital to start, then to gain more experience by becoming a travel nurse. My main goal is to travel to different countries and offer my help and expertise to those who really need it.

Anything else we should know? Something you should know about me is that I plan on doing something big with my life -- something bigger and greater than I am. In the future, my career plan will have some bumps along the way, maybe even a detour, but I will work everyday to accomplish what I am setting out to do.

Student Name: Bailey Glass

Mother's Name: Anna Conrad

Father's Name: Rob Glass

GPA: 2.90

Clubs & Activities: No

Awards: Scriber attendance and academic performance award

Significant School Project: We made a dinosaur in Richard's class

Future Educational Goals: Possibly college

Anything else we should know? I had a dream this one time where I was a dog driving a car

VOICE Transition Program

Student Name: Jacob Dylon Cunningham

Mother's Name: Catherine Colleen Cunningham

Father's Name: Brian Patterson

GPA: 4.0

Clubs & Activities: video games

Community Service: Hospital volunteer

Significant School Project: project search

Future Educational Goals: probably college

Future Career Goals: To be a small business owner

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